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Feb 8, 2008 - Ilisu Consortium of Construction Companies. IRP ...... cannot be done by outsourcing the planning documents to consultants as the ..... corporate social responsibilities and further technical support in the execution of.
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Ilisu Hydropower Project, Turkey Report of Resettlement Committee of Experts

Page 1 February 8, 2008

Ilisu Hydroelectric Dam Power Plant Project The Committee of Experts—Resettlement

Report on the First Field Visit of the Committee of ExpertsResettlement November 29- December 11, 2007

Report Prepared on Behalf of Euler Hermes (Germany), OeKB (Austria) and SERV (Switzerland)

Ilisu Hydropower Project, Turkey Report of Resettlement Committee of Experts

Page 2 February 8, 2008

List of Relevant Acronyms CoE

Committee of Experts


Committee of Experts – Cultural Heritage (or CoE-CH)


Committee of Experts – Environment (or CoE-E)


Committee of Experts-Resettlement


Development-caused Forced Displacement and Resettlement


Name of consulting company


Directorate for State Hydraulic Works


Export Credit Agencies


Environmental Consultants


Final Assessment Meeting


Forced Displacement and Resettlement


South Eastern Anatolia Project


Ilisu Consortium of Construction Companies


Income Restoration Program


Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs


Ministry of Public Works and Settlement


Project Affected Person


Project Implementation Unit


Project Implementation Unit (respectively: PIU-R, PIU-CH, PIU_E) Resettlement Committee


Resettlement Action Plan


Resettlement Implementation Plan


Resettlement Site Plan


Collective Housing Administration

Ilisu Hydropower Project, Turkey Report of Resettlement Committee of Experts ToR

Terms of Reference


Village Resettlement Committee


The World Bank

Page 3 February 8, 2008

Acknowledgements The CoE would like to gratefully acknowledge the substantial efforts deployed by DSI to host and organize the visit of the CoE resettlement in the reservoir area. Appreciation is expressed to members of the PIU-Resettlement Committee, representing DSI and the collaborating agencies, and in particular to Mr. Hikmet Ikten, (Chairman of the PIU-RC), Mr. Tuncer Dincergok, Coordinator of PIU-CoE communication, Mr. Tolga Balta, Manager ENCON, as well as Mr. Ramazan Gurkan (MPWS), Mr. Murat Ozergin, Mr. Sinan Karadag (DSI), Mr. Nevzat Pinarer (MARA), Mr. Mehmet Duran (cadastral consultant), and to the other members of the PIU, for their cooperation throughout our joint village visits as well as for their hospitality. The CoE much appreciates the assistance received from the teams of the three ECAs, and in particular the constant guidance offered by Ms. Edna Schone-Alaluf. The collaboration of Mr. Thomas Leye, representing all ECAs, was helpful throughout the duration of the entire field visit. We appreciate the participation in the final evaluation wrap up meeting of Ms. Edna Schone-Alaluf (Germany), Mr. Werner Schmied (Austria), and Mr. Bernhard Mueller (Switzerland) and their contribution in assessing the status of ToRs. In the field, the CoE’s work was much facilitated by the work of two translators, Messrs. Haluk Ogzen and Mahmud Simsek. The CoE extends its thanks also to Julie Koppel and Laura Myford, Graduate Students and Research Assistants, whose skills in preparing and formatting this report were of much help.

Cover picture: Focus group interview by the R-CoE in a village in the dam construction area. Photo: Thomas Leye

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