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Fairchild, Betty and Nancy Hayward. Now That You Know: A Parents' Guide to. Understanding Their Gay and Lesbian. Harvest Books: 1998. Green, Beverly. Ed. Ethnic and Cultural Diversity Among ...... or “Tina”) has been on the rise in recent years and has led to more and more unsafe sex. passover. Studies show that ...
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the Hillel LGBTQ

Resource Guide

For Queer Jews everywhere: this guide is for you. Here’s to a future of reconciliation, celebration, and peace.

table of Contents Letter from the Editor Acknowledgements Student Narratives Section 1: Introduction to LGBTQ Jewish History & Culture Language and Terminology

iv vii viii 11

by: Miriam Ignatoff

Glossary of Terms Jewish LGBTQ History

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by: Rabbi Leslie Bergson & Noah Branman

Current Events


by: Rabbi Seth Goren & Josh Furman

Section 2: Helping Skills Resources Being an Ally 33 by: Rabbi Bruce Bromberg Seltzer

This book contains God’s name. Please treat it as you would a prayerbook.

Coming Out on Campus 43 by: Rabbi Mychal Copeland

LGBTQ Jewish Students and Mental Health 51 by: Rabbi Lina Zerbarini

Putting the T in LGBTQ 55 by: S. Bear Bergman

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Children of LGBTQ Parents 67 by: Rabbi Sharon Stiefel

Queer Jewish Ritual on Campus 71 by: Rabbi Jason Klein & Rabbi Mychal Copeland

Challenging the Myth of Biblical Homophobia 93 by: Rabbi Michael Rothbaum

Section 3: Programming & Networking Resources Queer Jewish Programs 107 by: Josh Furman

Movies, Culture, Speakers, and Literature 113 by: Andy Ratto I. Film II. Performance III. Speakers IV. Literature

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Noah Branman

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ear Reader, I am so pleased that you have opened The Hillel LGBTQ Resource Guide. The material you hold in your hands (or see before you on your screen) is the product of much hard work. Creating this resource was a labor of love for its many writers, editors, advisors, and supporters. As Hillel professionals it is our chosen duty to reach Jewish students where they are: to touch their lives, inspire their growth, and strengthen their roots. LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer) Jewish students have been an integral part of our campus communities for generations. However, their presence, our presence, is sometimes welcomed, sometimes not. In the modern world of Hillel, the struggles that LGBTQ Jewish students face for inclusion and affirmation may stem more from ignorance than from malice. That is precisely why this guide was created and why your role is so very crucial. You are an educator and a role-model. You have the capacity to help students heal from their wounds, to transform communities into warmer spaces, and to suggest the radical notion that all Jews can and should celebrate their identity with love, affirmation, and joy. I hope that this guide will serve as a resource for both education and celebration. We all have much to learn. No matter how progressive you may be, how many Gay friends you may have, how extensive your knowledge-base is… there is what to learn. And so I ask you to read carefully and generously. What is unique about The Hillel LGBTQ Resource Guide is that it was written and edited by your colleagues. LGBTQ and allied professionals in “the field”, on college campuses, have contributed