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FEATURES THAT GIVE YOU THE EDGE. >Easier production: High quality, 3-5 ... regions of the world, via our web-based delivery platform Media Express.
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REUTERS SOURCE VIDEO With Reuters Source Video, you have some of the world’s most dramatic and highly acclaimed footage – covering a wide and deep set of content and an extensive range of regional and international news events – at your fingertips. Reuters Source Video allows you to search and customize raw, unedited, high quality video footage from Reuters breaking news service as well as its premium archive of top world events from 1896 to the present day. The true value of the world leader –– We cover the world: You have access to high-quality video coverage of every major news event and human-interest stories covered by our unique global reporting infrastructure. –– We capture the facts: We offer high quality footage drawn from a network of 200 bureaus – more than any other news organization. –– We’re always there: When you need us, we offer 24/7 access to our acclaimed raw video content so you can edit and customize it as you wish. –– We make it easy to choose the package that suits you best: Whether business, world, entertainment & lifestyle, sports, or region-specific news. Our pricing is based on usage. This allows online publishers of all sizes to access more than 200 quality video clips on a wide range of topics broadcasted daily. –– We are the best source of video footage in the world: Create your own clips from our most prized content so that you can provide your audiences with timely multimedia coverage.

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FEATURES THAT GIVE YOU THE EDGE >>Easier production: High quality, 3-5 minute edits to maximize flexibility. Coverage diaries and advisories available to aid program planning >>Flexible & customizable audio: Natural sound peppered with usable sound bites >>Saves time & resources: Easy-to-use scripts and detailed shot-lists to minimize turnaround time >>Easy access: Dependable 24-hour access from all regions of the world, via our web-based delivery platform Media Express >>Sensible pricing: Pricing by usage bands, so you’re only paying for what you use >>Keep ahead: Delivering approximately 200 stories throughout the day, 7 days a week >>Help at hand: Experienced journalists and our Global Technical Helpline are on hand 24/7 >>*NEW* Archive access: choice of 6000 clips of world events spanning from 1896 to the present day

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