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Sep 9, 2017 - The Biblical and prophetic make-up or nature of the constellation Virgo is thus alluding to a ... constellation Virgo. .... mirror Orion's Belt and.
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The purpose of this illustration is to highlight astronomically, the recurring Revelation 12 imagery of the Virgin about to birth and ‘Rapture’ a Man-Child with Sun, Moon & Stars symbology. The period in question will be 2017. This chart only seeks to show the possible patterns of just how many times does the Virgo constellation approximates and/or mirrors that of the Book of Revelation 12. There does appear to be some very unique astronomical relationships that match the Revelation 12 typology only in 2017. The Biblical and prophetic make-up or nature of the constellation Virgo is thus alluding to a ’Rapture’ first then a Celestial War, then the Fall of lucifer or satan. Although there are several possible prophetic interpretations of this ‘sign’, the 2017 ‘sign’ might well be giving us a celestial perspective as to when the Tribulation Period might actually start and when could the Rapture occur -based on such Biblical and prophetic celestial patterns in the constellation Virgo. Thus if the Pentecost Age is to finish with the wheat harvest, it could correlate with Rosh HaShana, but not due to the Feast but end of the wheat harvest of Pentecost at the end of summer.

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5 Precisely only on 4 occasions since 2000 to 2025 will the Moon have been or will be under the Feet and the Sun in the Head region in Virgo, 2001, 2015, 2018, 2020. Yet out of all the years, only on 3 occasions has a ‘birthing’ type occurred, as with a planet. The consideration of what is under the Feet will constitute having the Moon directly in the vicinity of the Feet of Virgo, above the ecliptic. What constitutes a ‘birthing’ is when a planets traverses in-between the legs of Virgo. Out of these 3 ’birthings’, only the one that occurs in 2017 has the Moon under the Feet but the Sun ‘clothed’ in the arm area. Regardless if one ascribes to a pre or mid-Trib Rapture, the bottom line is that it will occur before Lucifer is cast down to Earth. At that time, he will initiate his reign of terror as he indwells the AntiChrist and sets up the Abomination of Desolation at the 3rd Jewish Temple.

12 Stars (9 in Leo + 3 Planets)


2014 - 2018 ?

A RAPTURE RENDEZVOUS The chart seeks to identity astronomically when all of the components of the Revelation12 imagery occurs in Virgo, 2000-2025 having the following.






1. Moon under Feet 2. Sun clothed 3. Star Crown of 12 Stars 4. Birthing as with a ‘Planet’ 5. Dragon or Serpent afoot as with a ‘Planet’

12 Sphinx

SEPT 22/23, 2017

Out of all the times since 2000, that the Sun is in Virgo, only the 2017 configuration appears to match all. It might then be the case that if and when the Rapture does take place, it will be before the expulsion of Lucifer, the price of the power of the ‘Air’ where in fact the Rapture Rendezvous of the Bride/Church and Jesus Christ will literally take place at.

Holding ‘The BRANCH” The Messiah - Isaiah 11:1

These could possibly give a clue as to when the Rapture of the Church is to take place - in the ‘Air’ ...IF it is chronologically presented and if in fact the Revelation 12 typology corresponds to the Sun being in the constellation Virgo either in Sept or Oct of a given year; realize Jesus was ‘Raptured in Spring.

Clothed with the Sun

~9 months Retrograde

The ‘Red Dragon’

Perhaps then the Rapture is to occur on the such a time in the Fall, but not necessarily on any Jewish Feast days such as Rosh HaShana, Yom Kippur, Tabernacles or the 8th Day Assembly.

Tied to 13th Sign Ophiuchus Holding ‘ears of corn’ as in a ‘Harvest’ Jesus, LORD of the Harvest Matthew 9:38


JUPITER ‘Birthed” on 9-9-2017

The ‘KING’ Planet

Matrix of anthropom