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Right, blatant promoting out the way – go here ..... seen and Modern Warfare 3 because... well... it's Call of Duty. ...... Android tablets, that's more my thing.
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Vol 14 Issue 4


PS Vita We play with Sony’s new toy

Reviews L.A. Noire The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Duke Nukem Forever Brink

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Two words, Hands-on multiplayer! Or is that three words?

JULY 2011

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Into The Pixel 2011 Art! The stuff’s everywhere. There might even be a feature dedicated to it on page 26. Only the art knows for sure.


Top eight developers who have fallen from grace We love games. We love the people who make games. However, when the signs of developer madness creep in, we can’t help but wonder: where are their minds?


Battlefield 3 Michael James was kicked out of the real-world army for putting his pants on backwards one fateful morning. That’s why he enjoys Battlefield 3: because the pants are put on for him.


NGL Black Ops online league update 10 days, 7,000 teams, 3 minutes, 57 burly men, 1 lapdog and 1 barrel of lube – and we’re still no closer to the end of our Black Ops online league. Read on for updates.

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