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Parks Canada Agency National Contracting Service Bid Receiving Unit 111 Water St. East Cornwall ON K6H 6S3

Bid Fax: 877-558-2349 Request for a Standing Offers Demande d’offres à commandes

Canada, as represented by the Minister of the Environment for the purposes of the Parks Canada Agency hereby requests a Standing Offer on behalf of the identified users herein. Le Canada, représenté par le ministre de l’Environnement aux fins de l’Agence Parcs Canada, autorise par la présente, une offre à commandes au nom des utilisateurs identifiés énumérés ciaprés.

Title - Sujet

RFSO – Contemporary Architecture Services in various national parks, historic sites and canals in the province of Québec Solicitation No. - No. de l’invitation




GETS Reference No. – No de reference de SEAG

Client Reference No. – No. de référence du client

Solicitation Closes L’invitation prend fin –

Time Zone Fuseau horaire -

at – á 02:00 PM on – le 2015-07-14

Heure Avancée de l’Est (HNE) / Eastern Daylight Saving Time (EDT

Address Inquiries to: - Adresser toute demande de renseignements à :

Michel Marleau

[email protected]

Telephone No. - No de téléphone

Fax No. – No de FAX:





Destination of Goods, Services, and Construction: Destinations des biens, services et construction: See Herein

Comments - Commentaires TO BE COMPLETED BY THE BIDDER A ÊTRE COMPLETER PAR LE SOUMISSIONNAIRE Vendor/Firm Name and Address Raison sociale et adresse du fournisseur/de l’entrepreneur :

Issuing Office - Bureau de distribution Telephone No. - No de telephone: Facsimile No. - N° de télécopieur:

Parks Canada Agency National Contracting Services 111 Water St. Cornwall, ON K6H 6S3

Name and title of person authorized to sign on behalf of the Vendor/Firm (type or print) Nom et titre de la personne autorisée à signer au nom du fournisseur/ de l’entrepreneur (taper ou écrire en caractères d’imprimerie)

Name Signature

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Title Date

Solicitation No. - N° de l'invitation 5P301-16-0002

File Name - Nom du dossier RFSO- Contemporary Architecture Services – Québec


Front Page SUPPLEMENTARY INSTRUCTIONS TO PROPONENTS (SI) SI 1 INTEGRITY PROVISIONS – ASSOCIATED INFORMATION SI 2 FEDERAL CONTRACTORS PROGRAM FOR EMPLOYMENT EQUITY CERTIFICATION General Instructions to Proponents (GI) Standing Offer Particulars (SP) Terms and Conditions General Conditions (GC) Supplementary Conditions (SC) Terms of Payment (TP) Consultant Services (CS) Calculation of Fees (CF) Standing Offer Brief - Required Services (RS) Submission Requirements and Evaluation (SRE) Appendix A Appendix B Appendix C Appendix D Appendix E Appendix F Appendix G-

Declaration/Certifications Form Price Proposal Form Doing Business with the Quebec Region Team Identification Format Price Proposal Form Attestation and Proof of Compliance with Occupational Health and Safety Pre-qualified Contractor list for Exhibit Design, Fabrication and Installation Green Building Directive 2012

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Solicitation No. - N° de l'invitation File Name - Nom du dossier 5P301-16-0002 RFSO- Contemporary Architecture Services – Québec SUPPLEMENTARY INSTRUCTIONS TO PROPONENTS (SI) SI 1

INTEGRITY PROVISIONS – DECLARATION OF CONVICTED OFFENCES As applicable, pursuant to subsection Declaration of Convicted Offences, of the Integrity Provisions – Proposal section, of the General Instructions, the Proponent must provide with its bid, a completed Declaration Form, to be given further consideration in t