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Jul 2, 2014 - tion is free on membership in The Society of Rheology. Letters to the ... the science and engineering of rheology to the broader community. Our Annual ... In addition to organizing the short courses that are so successful during each ...... computer science, quantitative biology, statistics, and quantitative ...
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- Rheology of ... Cats? - Open Access Explained - Annual Meeting in Philadelphia - 2014 Society Awards

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Rheology Bulletin

The News and Information Publication of The Society of Rheology Volume 83 Number 2 July 2014

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Table of Contents A Letter from SOR President McKenna


2014 Bingham Award goes to Norman Wagner 6 2014 Metzner Early Career Award: Randy H. Ewoldt Open Access and Electronic Publishing

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by Gareth McKinley and Faith Morrison

86th Annual Meeting of the SOR Come to Philadelphia


Short Courses in Philadelphia: Suspensions; Food Rheology


On the Rheology of Cats


by M. A. Fardin

Notable Passings: Bernstein, Brenner 18 Society News/Business


Events Calendar


News, Travel Grants, ExCom minutes, Treasurer’s report

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Digital video strobe-imaging provides a comparison of near and far field flows in an atomized spray jet for water (left column) and PEO/water (right column) (Photo by Bavand Keshavarz and Gareth McKinley from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Essentially, the near field is almost unchanged, but the far field (where time scales are fast and length scales are small) is dramatically modified with beads on strings, etc. See page 27 for the rheological details. The Rheology Bulletin is the news and information publication of The Society of Rheology (SOR) and is published twice yearly in January and July. Subscription is free on membership in The Society of Rheology. Letters to the editor: [email protected]

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Rheology Bulletin, 83(2) July 2014

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