Robert Lee Award, Undergraduate Teaching and Mentorship Award, Emory University. Gender and Race Award, Women's Studies Program, Duke University. Emerging Scholars Award, Humanities, Arts, Sciences, Technologies, Advanced. Collaboratory (HASTAC), Duke University. Scholarship, James B. Duke Endowment ...
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RIZVANA BRADLEY Assistant Professor of Film and Media Studies and African American Studies | Yale University [email protected] | RizvanaBradley.com Film and Media Studies 53 Wall Street PO BOX 208363 New Haven, CT 06520

__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ E D U C A T IO N 2013

Ph.D. Duke University, Department of Literature Graduate Certificates in African and African American Studies and Women’s Studies Dissertation Committee: Fred Moten (director), Maurice Wallace, Michael Hardt, Antonio Viego


Whitney Museum of American Art, Independent Study Program, Helena Rubinstein Critical Studies Fellow. Tutor: José Muñoz


B.A. (Highest Honors), Williams College, Political Theory and English Thesis: Sensing the Limit: Towards a Theory of the Political in Postcolonial Critique (Distinction Awarded)

R E S E A R C H IN T E R E S T S Film Studies, Film Theory, Literature and Literary Studies, Black Studies, African-American Art and Art History, Visual Studies, Methodologies of Art History, American Studies, Literature and Literary Studies, Performance Studies, Feminist Theory, Queer Theory, Gender Studies, Sexuality Studies, Critical Theory, Aesthetic Theory, Psychoanalysis, Affect Theory, Continental Philosophy and Political Theory, Postcolonial Studies F A C U L T Y A P P O IN T M E N T S CURRENT APPOINTMENT

Assistant Professor, Film and Media Studies and African-American Studies, Yale University Affiliations: Art History, American Studies, Women’s Studies PREVIOUS APPOINTMENTS

Research Fellow in Contemporary Art, University College London (Institute for Advanced Study) Assistant Professor, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Emory University B O O K IN P R O G R E S S RESURFACED FLESH: BLACK AESTHETICS UNBOUND Resurfaced Flesh: Black Aesthetics Unbound aims to examine how several artists engage in the artistic and performative disassembly of the black body. The book’s central claim is that the achievement of modern aesthetic forms are thoroughly inflected and disrupted by enduring racial histories. Focusing on large-scale installations and artistic strategies that draw from conceptualism and minimalism, the book brings themes of figuration, abstraction, and form in aesthetic theory to bear on the racialized and gendered display of the body in contemporary art, and specifically directs readers to the flesh as a frame that denotes how these artists engage in crucial deconstructions of the black body.



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