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They raid your lands under the pretext of waging war against the Islamic State ..... was swift to sacrifice what he held dear, seeking Allah's contentment, spending ...
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With the beginning of the modern crusade against the usurped Muslim lands, a campaign aimed to fortify the rule of taghut therein and to prevent the muwahhidin from establishing the religion and implementing the Shari’ah, the Crusaders initiated a corresponding project to replace the religion of the people and to alter the tenets and teachings of Islam, so that it would become harmonious with the jahili American vision for the world, which they named the “New World Order.” To actualize this project, they found no better than the Murtadd Brotherhood to be the role model for people to be directed to and to thus follow, if they sought America’s contentment. The Crusaders tested them and realized the corruption of their creed and their allegiance to enemies of the religion, observing the works of the Brotherhood in several lands. Since the followers of the Turkish taghut Erbakan have been the most disgraceful school of the Murtadd Brotherhood, the most severely of them drenched in the swamp of shirk, and the most loyal of them to the mushrikin, one of Erbakan’s students decided to enter into this project himself. Indeed, it was none other than the wicked Erdogan, for the student had far surpassed his apostate teacher in following the path of democracy and accepting secularism. He was appointed president, given an aura needed to deceive the fools of mankind, and tasked with overseeing several regional affairs. He had a major role, along with the tawaghit of the Arab nations, in executing the project of the Iraqi Sahwah, which assisted the Crusaders in hiding their embarrassing defeat and helped them establish the foundations of the Rafidi government in Baghdad. Since the beginnings of the jihad in Sham, Erdogan and his intelligence apparatuses strived to drag the various militant factions into relation2

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ships with him. Through him, they would hook up with the Crusader nations, which used them to fight the Islamic State and ordered them to stop fighting the Nusayri regime. Convoys of the militant factions would eventually leave the frontlines against the regime and, with the backing of Erdogan’s army and the financing of his government, head off to fight the muwahhidin. Erdogan and his vile state attempted to keep their war on the Islamic State “under wraps,” hiding behind the murtadd factions that were formed under their watchful eyes and nourished by their support and financing. This was out of fear that the muwahhidin would turn on Turkey, igniting it in a blazing war that would not be extinguished until its borders met the fate of other Sykes-Picot borders that the mujahidin had removed with their own hands. Then, as the battle intensified between the Islamic State and the Crusader coalition and its murtadd troops, the Turkish taghut revealed his prepared role and chartered mission, so he opened the airspace of his country for Crusader warplanes, opened its borders to supply the PKK atheists in ‘Ayn al-Islam, and opened its armories for the Sahwah apostates in Aleppo. And when more was requested of him, he responded loyally, entangling his army in the battlefield against the soldiers of the Khilafah, sending

his planes to bombard their locations, and commanding his artillery to pound the villages and cities of the Muslims. And he continues threatening to do more, thinking that what he does will protect him from the consequences of his own evil. And whoever feels himself safe from vengeance, has only himself to blame. Erdogan and his brittle government did not heed the lesson of other murtadd governments, upon whom Allah had sent the soldiers of the Islamic State, to devastate the murtaddin. The mujahidin destroyed their buildings and demolished their foundations, just as they had done before to the Rafidah. Erdogan and his government did not heed the lesson of their Crusader allies, whom the mujahidin attacked and engaged in their own cities, making their markets and entertainment sites arenas for open war, as occurred in Paris and Brussels. They have y