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Most charities that work with schools focus on students who exhibit ... including from schools, national charity Teach First, corporate supporters and charity ...
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RECRUITMENT PACK: HACKNEY PIRATES CHAIR OF TRUSTEES Sept 2017 Thank you for showing an interest in applying to be the next Chair of The Hackney Pirates. We are an award winning, dynamic and ambitious charity dedicated to supporting children who face disadvantages in their learning and who are under-achieving at school. We are looking for our next Chair to lead the organisation alongside a fantastic Board of Trustees and staff team, the Crew. We are looking for someone who shares our values and ambition; who is ready to work with our fellow trustees and the Chief Executive to lead the organisation to replicate our model and achieve growth in the next few years. We are passionate about putting together a diverse team of skilled and motivated individuals from a range of different backgrounds, in order to best serve the culturally rich and diverse community of Hackney and we hope in the coming years, beyond. We are particularly keen to receive applications from individuals from black and minority ethnic communities so that the organisation may best reflect and serve the communities we work in.

An Introduction to Hackney Pirates

The Hackney Pirates launched in 2010 to create better outcomes for young people of Hackney whose backgrounds give them less opportunity and at the end of primary school are beginning to underachieve. Two in three children living in low income households in the UK fall below the expected levels in reading and writing by the age of 11. Only one in three young people from disadvantaged backgrounds achieve 5 GCSE passes in the UK. Our programme is set to change that statistic.


Schools tend to target any additional available resources at children who have severe learning needs or behavioural needs. Most charities that work with schools focus on students who exhibit strong academic abilities. This results in low self-confidence, further falling behind and a bleak longterm outcome. Hackney Pirates is a teacher-led programme focusing on their literacy, confidence and perseverance. Our belief is that these core skills and attributes are critical for school learning and success. We work with 150 young people aged 9-12 years old (school years 5, 6 and 7), each year. We provide high quality, after school learning opportunity; support by extra personalised attention in an exciting, fun and fantastical learning environment. The programme is delivered by our dedicated Crew supported by volunteer s from the local community. Our innovative model has received awards and a wide range of support since we started in 2010, including from schools, national charity Teach First, corporate supporters and charity partners. You can see more about the way we work, our impact reports and the Young Pirates published projects at In the next three years we are looking to implement a strategy for replication and growth. We are looking for someone to match our ambitions and drive the charity forward as we grow and reach many more young people.


JOB DESCRIPTION: HACKNEY PIRATES CHAIR OF TRUSTEES OVERVIEW The Chair will hold the Board and Chief Executive to account for Hackney Pirates mission and vision, providing inclusive leadership to the Board of Trustees, ensuring that each trustee fulfils their duties and responsibilities for the effective governance of Hackney Pirates. The Chair will also support, and where appropriate, challenge the Chief Executive and ensure that the Board functions as a unit and works closely with the entire Crew of Hackney Pirates to achieve agreed objectives. He or she will act as an ambassador and the public face of Hackney Pirates in partnership with the Chief Executive. As such the candidates should bring  

a strong conviction that they have an inclusive leadership style that fits with the values of Hackney Pirates, and a strong personal network and networking capabilities that they would be willing to leverage for the benefit of Hackney Pirates.