Scalable and Power Efficient Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) with ...

I/O performance for VDI scalability. Calculating the IOPS per user budget is a key requirement for your VDI deployment. It is critical to solving the 'boot storm' ...
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Scalable and Power Efficient Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) with Lenovo and Emulex VFA5 Increase VDI return on investment (ROI) and maximize workforce productivity and mobility VFA 5 for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) ToR 10GbE/FC Switch

VMware vCenter (Plug-in) Active Directory MS SQL Server

Broadcom-Lenovo advantages New features of the Emulex VFA5 from Broadcom result in VDI benefits:

File Server

VDI Server


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Virtual Desktops

–– More VDI desktops per server due to up to 18 percent higher CPU effectiveness1,2 –– Higher power efficiency3 with up to 50W per server power savings, reducing energy and cooling costs –– Desktop-like user experiences with up to 1.5 million Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) or iSCI I/O operations per second (IOPS)

Domain Controller

FCoE. FC, or iSCSI Storage Virtual Desktops Server Cluster Access data faster

Save up to 50W per server per year

Support up to 18% more VDI desktops

I/O performance for VDI scalability Calculating the IOPS per user budget is a key requirement for your VDI deployment. It is critical to solving the ‘boot storm’ challenge as large number of users log in simultaneously. VMware recommends certain IOPS per type of user4, but whatever your calculations determine, you can rely on the VFA5 to support more VDI sessions than competitive adapters. This is achieved through Emulex VFA5 offload technologies, which minimize the impact of I/O on CPU usage. The VFA5 delivers up to 1.5 million FCoE/iSCSI IOPS, ensuring that storage will not be a bottleneck for your VDI implementation. Emulex VFA5 offload technologies also reduce power consumption by up to 50 watts/server making the VFA5 ideal for your VDI connectivity3.

I/O bandwidth for a satisfying user experience A satisfying user experience with VDI means an experience that replicates the desktop, especially during busy usage periods, such as logins and boot storms. It is estimated that for a Windows 7 desktop you should plan up to 1Mbps4 maximum bandwidth. As you calculate your bandwidth needs, consider that VFA5 connectivity delivers up to 1.5 million FCoE/iSCSI IOPS of storage performance, ensuring I/O bandwidth on a single adapter platform for storage and clustered server networking to run VDI alongside mixed workloads. Alternatively, Emulex 16Gb (Gen 5) Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapters (HBAs), deliver up to 1.2 million IOPS on a single port, ideal for a superior VDI user experience when connected to high performance all flash storage.

Achieve scalable VDI desktop instances on 2 socket System x servers


VDI solution benefits BYOD mobility for the workforce


Reduce capital expenditures (CAPEX) on repeat PC purchases


Increase security of user data


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Emulex 10Gb Ethernet (10GbE) VFA5 for System x Emulex 16Gb (Gen 5) Fibre Channel (FC) Dual-port Host Bus Adapter (HBA) for System x System x servers IBM Storwize V7000 disk systems System Networking RackSwitch G8124E 10Gb Top of Rack (ToR) switch



I/O features ensure VDI resiliency Virtual Fabric technology delivers virtual network interface card (vNIC) partitioning, which adds flexibility and can help eliminate idle bandwidth. This technology can flexibly allocate bandwidth between clustered virtual desktop servers, shared storage, management tools, and virtual machine migrations to help ensure system both resiliency and optimal bandwidth provisioning. In addition, Emulex OneCommand® Manager provides single-console management of all Emulex adapters in the VDI deployment, with a VMware vCenter plug-in for even greater ease of use.