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Through our internship research programmes, we identify and prepare these young aspiring scientists for a career in. R&D, ensuring a steady pipeline of talent.
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The CONVERGENCE of Science, Technology, Talent, and Open Innovation

A STAR is the leading agency that promotes scientific research and nurtures talent for a knowledge-based and innovation-driven Singapore. We drive impactful research and contribute to Singapore’s future economy by bringing innovation to enterprises. With facilities centred around Biopolis and Fusionopolis, the adjacent twin research campuses that focus on biomedical and physical & engineering sciences, A STAR scientists interact synergistically to create a community where collaborations lead to interdisciplinary research. A multifaceted and multinational agency, A STAR has over 5400 staff from some 60 countries. The diversity of our international community of scientists allows us to bring different approaches to challenges and come up with novel solutions.

Our researchers and engineers are all united by their passion to uphold the highest standards of scientific research in various areas of expertise. From advancements in basic science, to patented inventions, and to ready-to-use technologies, we have built up capabilities in emerging areas such as smart city urban systems and transportation analytics, nutrition research and development (R&D) and medical technology. Our many industry-friendly initiatives promote symbiotic public-private partnerships for growth and enterprise. In addition, A STAR’s many scholarship and training programmes help nurture future scientists. Through our internship research programmes, we identify and prepare these young aspiring scientists for a career in R&D, ensuring a steady pipeline of talent into our laboratories, and to industry.




A*STAR GRADUATE ACADEMY (A*GA) At A*STAR, you will be part of the vibrant and innovative team, that drives A*STAR’s mission to advance science and develop innovation technology to further economic growth and improve lives. We firmly believe that people are our greatest asset. The A*STAR Graduate Academy provides scholarships and fellowships to enable young aspiring scientific talent to pursue their passion in science at top global universities, and prepares them for a rewarding career in R&D. In addition to awarding scholarships for undergraduate, PhD and post-doctoral studies at top universities and laboratories locally and overseas, we offer awards and attachment opportunities for pre-university students.

In recognition of the diverse talents, strengths and interests of our PhD scholars, we have created multiple pathways for our scholars, providing them with opportunities to develop and chart their careers in industry, corporate R&D labs, public administration, technology enterprises, spin-off companies and academia after their first two years with A*STAR.


A*STAR supports, oversees and coordinates public sector biomedical research and development activities in Singapore to cultivate a thriving biomedical cluster.


We oversee the development of core research capabilities in bioprocessing, genomics and proteomics, molecular and cell biology, bioengineering and nanotechnology, and computational biology. At the same time, we actively promote translational medicine and cross-disciplinary research as part of our efforts to advance healthcare.


We craft unique value propositions for companies by enhancing the capabilities of the public R&D sector and encouraging flexible thematic partnership programmes that draw upon the multidisciplinary scientific capabilities in Singapore. This in turn serves to attract private R&D biomedical (BMS) investments into Singapore. Our biomedical capabilities are supported by our many Research Institutes (RIs). These include: