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Jun 16, 2014 - 2015. SCIENTIFIC FRAMEWORK OF. HOMEOPATHY. Evidence Based Homeopathy. Revised ... President, Belgian Homeopathic Medicines Registration Commission AFMPS. Content .... benefit from it, as homeopathy is a good medicine.5 ...... in public domain on the basis of the factors like 'harmful'or.
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Editor: Dr Raj K. Manchanda, Secretary for Research, LMHI & Director General, Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy (India)

SCIENTIFIC FRAMEWORK OF HOMEOPATHY Evidence Based Homeopathy Revised edition after 69th LMHI Congress, July2014 (Paris, France)



CONTENTS Preface Executive summary Chapter I


Homeopathy in Health Care

Chapter II


Users of Homeopathy

Chapter III


Educational Framework

Chapter IV


Safetyissues in Homeopathy

Chapter V


Ethical issues in Homeopathy

Chapter VI


Meta-analyses – Systematic Reviews

Chapter VII


Clinical Research

Chapter VIII


Drug Provings (HPTs)

Chapter IX


Clinical Verification

Chapter X


Basic Research

Chapter XI


Veterinary homeopathy

Chapter XII



Chapter XIII


Homeopathy and epidemic diseases Definitions

Contributors Facilitation, Guidance & Content appraisal Dr. Raj K. Manchanda Secretary for Research, LMHI & Director General, Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy (CCRH) Dr. Michel Van Wassenhoven Former Secretary for Research, LMHI & President, Belgian Homeopathic Medicines Registration Commission AFMPS Content planning & writing Dr. Debadatta Nayak Research Officer (Homoeopathy)/Scientist-1, CCRH Dr. Harleen Kaur Senior Research Fellow (Homoeopathy), CCRH Research updates Dr. Subranil Saha Senior Research Fellow (Homoeopathy), DAC Regional Research Institute for Homoeopathy, Kolkata Review

Dr. Renzo Galassi President, LMHI

Dr. Thomas Peinbauer President, European Committee for Homeopathy

Dr. (Prof.) Chaturbhuja Nayak Former Director General, CCRH & Director, Bakson Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital, Greater Noida, India

Dr. Lex Rutten Officier in de orde van Oranje Nassau (2002). Erepenning van de Vereniging van Homeopathische Artsen in Nederland in 1992 Arie Vrijland onderscheiding in 1992

Dr. Altunay Agaoglu Treasurer,LMHI & President, Classical Homeopathy Association& LMHI National Vice President, Turkey

Dr. Anna Pla Coordinator, Research Subcommittee, ECH Other Contributors

Dr. Wanlop Tanakieti, Dr. Leopold Drexler, Dr. Guenter Lang, Dr. Katona Edit

Foreword As we write to introduce you to this valuable document of Scientific Framework of Homoeopathy, we primarily have two things in mind. One, in wake of the evidence building in favour of Homeopathy at clinical, biological, molecular and even nano-molecular level, a document that provides a critical overview of each of these aspects based on the major works in the respective fields, could come in handy for many arguments and counter arguments we might have to deal with as a homeopath or researcher in homeopathy. This overview, in each chapter, is followed by a list of most peer-reviewed works in that category. The subjects range from homeopathic pathogenetic trials, clinical verification and homeopathy in epidemic diseases to clinical research, basic research, and even the disciplines like veterinary homeopathy and homoeopathy in agricultural science. We are hopeful also that my colleagues will be able to find in this document their ready reference guide for basic information related to

Thomas Peinbauer ECH President

Homeopathy framework, like situation and education of Homeopathy in world, how it is perceived as a model for healthcare delivery and the knowledge and attitude of the users of Homeopathy. Secondly, we hope, after going through this document, more