Scottish Independence Referendum Bill - Scottish Parliament

Mar 21, 2013 - subsection (6) is held by the Commission in electronic form, any copy— ...... and the signature on the postal voting statement against the date of birth and ...... being used for the purposes of taking the poll or counting the votes.
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Scottish Independence Referendum Bill [AS INTRODUCED]



Referendum Referendum on Scottish independence Franchise


Those who are entitled to vote Voting etc.


Provision about voting etc. Conduct

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Chief Counting Officer Other counting officers Functions of the Chief Counting Officer and other counting officers Correction of procedural errors Expenses of counting officers Conduct rules Campaign

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Campaign rules Monitoring and securing compliance with the campaign rules Inspection of Electoral Commission’s registers etc. Campaign rules: general offences Campaign offences: summary proceedings Duty of court to report convictions to the Electoral Commission Referendum agents


Referendum agents

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Observers Attendance of Electoral Commission at proceedings and observation of working practices Accredited observers: individuals Accredited observers: organisations Attendance and conduct of accredited observers

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Information for voters Guidance Advice

Information, guidance and advice

SP Bill 25

Session 4 (2013)


Scottish Independence Referendum Bill


Report on referendum Report on the conduct of the referendum

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Electoral Commission: administrative provision Reimbursement of Commission’s costs Estimates of expenditure Maladministration

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Offences Offences by bodies corporate etc.


Power to make supplementary etc. provision and modifications Power to make supplementary etc. provision and modifications


Legal proceedings Restriction on legal challenge to referendum result


Final provisions 32 33 34

Interpretation Commencement Short title __________

Schedule 1 —Form of ballot paper Schedule 2 —Further provision about voting in the referendum Part 1 —Manner of voting Part 2 —Registration Part 3 —Postal voting: issue and receipt of ballot papers Part 4 —Supply of Polling List etc. Part 5 —Supply of marked Polling List etc. Schedule 3 —Conduct rules Schedule 4 —Campaign rules Part 1 —Interpretation Part 2 —Permitted participants and designated organisations Part 3 —Referendum expenses Part 4 —Publications Part 5 —Control of donations Part 6 —Control of loans and credit Schedule 5 —Campaign rules: investigatory powers of the Electoral Commission Schedule 6 —Campaign rules: civil sanctions Part 1 —Fixed monetary penalties Part 2 —Discretionary requirements Part 3 —Stop notices Part 4 —Enforcement undertakings Part 5 —Power to make supplementary provision etc. by order Part 6 —General and supplemental Part 7 —Interpretation Schedule 7 —Offences Schedule 8 —Interpretation

Scottish Independence Referendum Bill


ACCOMPANYING DOCUMENTS Explanatory Notes, together with other accompanying documents, are printed separately as SP Bill 25-EN. A Policy Memorandum is printed separately as SP Bill 25-PM.

Scottish Independence Referendum Bill [AS INTRODUCED]

An Act of the Scottish Parliament to make provision, in accordance with paragraph 5A of Part 1 of Schedule 5 to the Scotland Act 1998, for the holding of a referendum in Scotland on a question about the independence of Scotland. Referendum 5


Referendum on Scottish independence (1)

A referendum is to be held in Scotland on a question about the independence of Scotland.


The question is— ―Should Scotland be an independent country?‖.



The ballot paper to be used for the purpose of the referendum is to be printed— (a) in the form set out in schedule 1, and (b) according to the d