Scripting Vim With Ruby

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Scripting Vim With Ruby

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Scripting Vim With Ruby

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The scripting language that comes with Vim You have already seen it if you have ever edited your .vimrc file or configured a plugin



To Learn More :help vim-script

VimScript + Ruby

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VimScript + Ruby Adds a dependency on Ruby, but you get a lot in return.

• Ruby’s Standard Library • RubyGems • You are probably more comfortable in Ruby than VimScript


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:help ruby

• image of :help ruby

Ruby Support?

No rubies? Oh gnoes!!

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Which Ruby?

• MRI 1.8.7 is the safe choice • The internets indicate that 1.9.2 is possible but buggy

Vim With Ruby Support installing-vim-with-ruby-support-ruby

Calling Ruby From Vim

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Calling Ruby From Vim

To load these examples either • Put the code in your .vimrc • Put the code in a .vim file Then :source /path/to/file/you/used

Three Way To Call Ruby

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Inline Ruby

:ruby puts “awesome”.upcase Vim will echo AWESOME at the bottom of your screen

Inline Ruby Example: How I figured out which ruby is being used function! RubyInfo() ruby rubyrubyruby

Calling Vim From Ruby

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VIM Module When Ruby executes inside of Vim you are provided with the VIM module which gives you access to interrogate and manipulate Vim’s Settings

• •Buffers •Windows •Cursor location •Content

VIM Module From Vim’s ruby documentation print "Hello" VIM.command(cmd) num = VIM::Window.count w = VIM::Window[n] cw = VIM::Window.current num = VIM::Buffer.count b = VIM::Buffer[n] cb = VIM::Buffer.current w.height = lines w.cursor = [row, col] pos = w.cursor name = line = b[n] num = b.count b[n] = str b.delete(n) b.append(n, str) line = VIM::Buffer.current.line

# # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # #

displays a message execute an Ex command gets the number of windows gets window "n" gets the current window gets the number of buffers gets buffer "n" gets the current buffer sets the window height sets the window cursor position gets an array [row, col] gets the buffer file name gets a line from the buffer gets the number of lines sets a line in the buffer deletes a line appends a line after n gets the current line

Vim + RubyGems

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Vim + RubyGems

:call TwitterSearch()

Vim + RubyGems

Vim + RubyGems + RVM RVM environment changes can cause Vim to get confused and look in the wrong gem directory. When Vim gets confused you will get angry. You might do bad things.

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Vim + RubyGems + RVM

But it’s really not that hard to fix.

Vim + RubyGems + RVM

In your .zshrc or .bashrc vim() { (unset GEM_PATH GEM_HOME; command vim "[email protected]") }

Real World Examples

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Vim github dashboard

Vim github dashboard

The Lusty Plugins

Over 3,000 lines of VimScript + Ruby


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