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St. Anne. 11 December 2016. What does Christ expect of his disciple? .... 12—St. Mary by the Sea, Huntington Beach. Tuesday, Dec. ... Cathedral campus.
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Saint Anne


Our Lady of Guadalupe by Alma Yamazaki

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St. Anne

11 December 2016

CALLING What does Christ expect of his disciple? When I was growing up I thought all that Jesus wanted from me was to obey the Ten Commandments and the seven precepts of the church. Oh, yes, and help the poor and support missionaries. Later, when I started wanting to become a priest, I realized that Christ was looking for each of us to find and follow our calling. Mine was to the seminary to see if I was suitable, even worthy, to be ordained a priest. My brother and sister had a different calling: to marriage. When people live longer nowadays it is possible that a single person might have two or more callings over the course of a lifetime. All vocations are a mixture of a personal desire and a confirmation of that desire, as any fellow knows who has had a crush on a particular woman who just happens to not be the least bit interested in him. I thought I knew how to be a priest when I got ordained: just do all the stuff that the priests I admired did, plus the stuff I was assigned as my duties. But a vocation is not just a role to be played. A parish priest develops a relationship with the people he serves and thereby he learns how to live for them and give them the service the Church called him to. Their relationship develops over time as he learns who the members of his flock are and how they wish to be served. Like spouses and everybody else with a real calling, priests ministrations have to be found worthy. They have to delight the object of their devotion. I remember that my father when he worked in San Francisco used to love to go occasionally to Gump’s or Tiffany’s and pick up some lovely bracelet or necklace for my mother. That gift would create an occasion for all of

the family to go out to some fancy San Francisco restaurant so she could wear the new item. Finally one day when my father brought her another gift, she insisted that he take it back. What was wrong? Did she not like it? She told my father, “Pat, I know you love me. You don’t have to spend all that money. Look, why don’t you just bring me flowers, okay?” That settled it; every Friday he brought home for her a beautiful bunch of flowers, whatever was in season. He loved her and learned how she wished to be loved. Now I am more convinced that what Christ expects of me is to listen for him when he speaks in my soul and when he reveals himself in the people and activities of my life. Among the prayers I make every morning, I ask that I may be given the grace to have some idea what his will is for me that day and then I ask that he would give me the courage and creativity to carry it out. Courage because I don’t think God’s will is that I need merely be compliant—not sinning and doing a little good every now and then—rather it is something that asks so much of me that only with courage will I be able to accomplish it. And creativity because I am pretty sure he expects me to collaborate with him in finding the most