Security Industry Optimistic, Poised for Upturn

a better time in history to be in the security business. Security ... on the lookout for larger systems that can be implemented ..... unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs),.
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A Bimonthly Measure from the Security Industry Association

Security Industry Optimistic, Poised for Upturn


he security industry started 2018 on a positive note, and it’s getting more bullish as the year progresses. Ninetyfive percent of security industry professionals polled in the SIA Security Market Index (SMI) survey in early February 2018 say that current business conditions are positive, with 42% saying they are “excellent.” This marks a slight uptick from December, when 91% of respondents considered current conditions to be either “excellent” or “good.” Overall, security industry professionals expressed optimism about the current state of the industry, and many predicted even more improved conditions over the next quarter. Sixty-three percent of survey respondents expect business conditions to be at least “a little better” in three months, and 32% expect conditions to be “much better.” One integrator noted: “There has never been a better time in history to be in the security business. Security is changing to be a critical element to the business enterprise strategy.” A security products manufacturer added: “We have had several consecutive quarters of growth,

and expect the trend to continue.” Overall, confidence in the security industry is on the rise, with the Security Market Index climbing from 68.5 in December 2017 to 72 in March 2018. This also marks a small uptick from a year ago – the February 2017 SMI was 71.2. The improvement is primarily due to increased gains in the number of new orders, new product introductions and capital equipment spending. Any Index higher than 50 indicates that security industry professionals are largely confident in their business prospects. This month’s Index marks a rebound from a slight dip in confidence in December. The Security Market Index measures the current status and future expectations of security industry executives through a select survey of SIA members. The Index’s goal is to provide a macro-view of confidence levels in the security industry while closely examining nine specific business measures: • Number of employees or hours worked • Marketing spending • Product production or service output • Capital equipment spending

SIA Security Market Index, March 2018

68.5 DECEMBER 2017

72 MARCH 2018

Overall, the Index survey measures general business conditions but also gauges nine elements to reach one Index number that signals security industry executives’ confidence. The elements ar