China, Art, History: New Orientations. 3-5. Workshop. Japanese Digital Humanities Workshop. 11-12. CEAS Lecture Series. Wai-Yee Li, Harvard University.
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SEPTEMBER 2016 27-28

Najita Distinguished Lecture - Oguma Eiji “Tell the Prime Minister” Film Screening/Keynote

OCTOBER 2016 6

CEAS Lecture Series Charles Armstrong, Columbia University Industrialization and its Consequences in Transborder Northeast Asia


Conference Vernacular Practices Across East Asia Keynote by Bao Weihong (UC Berkeley), Film Screening, and Panel/Roundtable


Musical Performance Ryo Kagawa Live in Chicago


MARCH 2017 TBA 6-7

Testimony/Poetry Reading Voices of Hiroshima

NOVEMBER 2016 3-5 4 11-12

Title VI - Media & East Asia Project Poetry in Motion: A Workshop on Text and Translation in East Asia Time TBA, Venue TBA


Film Screening “Gamushara” ft. Takahara Hidekazu and Yasukawa Act Time TBA, Room 319, Harris School of Public Policy CEAS Lecture Series Daniel Botsman, Yale University From Sacred Cow to Kobe Beef: Japan’s Bovine Revolution 5:00 pm, Room 122, Joseph Regenstein Library

Conference China, Art, History: New Orientations


Conference Writing & Picturing in Post-1945 Asian Art Time TBA, Art History Lecture Hall

Title VI Outreach Event for K-16 Educators 9th Annual International Education Conference


Conference Syncretism and Hybridity in Chinese Religious History Time TBA, Room 110, Classics Building

Workshop Japanese Digital Humanities Workshop

MAY 2017


International Workshop Urban Multilinguilism in Hong Kong Time TBA, University of Chicago Center in Hong Kong

APRIL 2017 10-11


East Asia by the Book! CEAS Author Talks Norma Field (UChicago) and Heather Bowen-Struyk For Dignity, Justice, and Revolution: An Anthology of Japanese Proletarian Literature 5:00 pm, Seminary Co-Op

CEAS Lecture Series Wai-Yee Li, Harvard University In Quest of the Genuine

FEBRUARY 2017 17

Musical Performance Biwa Recital and Lecture ft. Yoko Hiraoka 5:00 pm, Assembly Hall, International House


CEAS Lecture Series Aaron Gerow, Yale University On Terada Torahiko and the Physics of Film 5:00 pm, Room 122, Joseph Regenstein Library


12-14 19

CEAS Lecture Series Matthew Sommer, Stanford University Gender Passing and Official Panic in Qing Dynasty China 5:00 pm, Room 122, Joseph Regenstein Library Conference Midwest Japanese Studies Graduate Student Conference Time TBA, Room 319, Harris School of Public Policy International Conference Comparing Chinese and U.S. Approaches to Environmental Federalism Time TBA, Venue TBA

JUNE 2017 12-16

Workshop Kuzushiji Workshop Time TBA, Venue TBA

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