September 2017

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September 2017

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The importance of starting at the beginning By Christopher Palm, IRMSA Chief Risk Advisor In the recent past, I have come across so many different sources of information that start the risk conversation at the risk identification phase … I have read it, heard it at presentations and experienced it during risk workshops – all in the recent past!

Dear IRMSA members September is the anniversary of the tragedy which struck New York in 2001, a single co-ordinated terror event where 3 000 people lost their lives and 6 000 were injured. The devastation – watched live by millions, starkly raised the discipline of risk management. The impact and probability of uncertainty was highlighted in business boardrooms across the world. I remember watching the horror unfold and realising that in order to fully embrace risk preparedness we have to reset our notions of what could possibly happen.

Annual Awards and Gala Dinner: 3 November 2017 - Johannesburg

This year, the month brought news and images of devastating destruction caused by severe changes in weather patterns. Unprecedented damages caused by hurricanes and earthquakes from North America to Asia, impacting countless lives. And of course on the home front we have political and governance storms which may change the way we manage our personal and business risks, where the risk response to norms you took for granted need to be challenged and reviewed. As a child, September was a special month in our household. It is my sister’s birthday and in light of particularly dreary Cape Town winters, my family used it as an occasion to celebrate life. So I know it’s a bit cliché, but I love September. For me it is wondrous to experience the vibrancy of nature’s resilience - to have these visible reminders of renewal, regrowth and rebirth. It reminds me to reflect on the year thus far, find a way to replenish my energy to allow for resilience for the last stretch before the end of the calendar year, where deadlines and urgency reign supreme. We as South Africans also celebrate Heritage month, where we examine our roots and reaffirm our connection with

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Africa. The spirit of being African is best summed up by the phrase UBUNTU, “I am because of you”. The spirit of sharing moments with family and friends could be seen across messages and pictures shared on social media. Today’s connection often goes beyond the familial circles of

Project Risk Management 18 & 19 October Facilitator: Zak Wood

the past; today’s connections extend to your professional networks. So given present uncertainty, where we have limited or no control of the risks which are materialising, how do you as an individual replenish to allow for resilience? How do you

Operational Risk Management

build your network to ensure that the roots that connect

30 & 31 October

you are strong to allow you to belong to and live our

Facilitator : Jacky Young

UBUNTU spirit? Yours in risk, Berenice Francis President Institute of Risk Management of South

External/In-Company Training

Africa Did you know that IRMSA can offer Risk Management Training to your specific organisation either at your own office or at a venue of your choice including the IRMSA training centre. We can tailor-make an offering for your specific training needs and requirements. Talk to us about how we can provide you with this service today! Contact Nazlee [email protected] or Nthabiseng [email protected] or call us on 011 555 1800 T&Cs apply.

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