September 2017

Sep 8, 2017 - They can get this information from our tools today - with the report, we ... 3500 users on iPhone and Android. Membership Domain ... Fundraising domain. RECHARTERING. October 1, 2017. Will launch with Credit Card Form of payment (3%). Will be followed shortly with e-Checks. Councils can pay their.
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ONLINE REG ROLLOUTS 100% Completed We are building a report for councils that will showcase the leads and applications that have not been acted upon on a weekly basis. They can get this information from our tools today - with the report, we will push it to their emails.

MY SCOUTING APP September 8, 2017 This is a volunteer app on both Android and iOS Rating: 4.x / 5 rating on Android! AppBrain Ranking: No.3 in Social (USA) 3500 users on iPhone and Android. Membership Domain

RECHARTERING October 1, 2017 Will launch with Credit Card Form of payment (3%). Will be followed shortly with e-Checks. Councils can pay their insurance during Recharter. Membership Domain

PAYMENT PLATFORM October 1, 2017

Rollout that will support credit card payments via Chase. E-Checks in November and recurring payments in December. Support services.


SCOUTBOOK SURVEY Mid-October 2017 Results and Analysis. 16,500 responses. Further analysis on how this is split demographically being done now. Top three categories continue to be:· • Strong moral compass • Confidence • Skill building

Advancement Domain

HACKATHON Mid - October 2017 Order of the Arrow Hackathon support. Co-sponsored by Intel. IT is supporting this with APIs. First event of its kind for Boy Scouts – Innovation. Membership, Advancement Domain

ONLINE RECHARTING October 2017 Online Rechartering rolled out with a new branded Look and feel. Functions- Online approval, Online payments and YPT Requirements

ONLINE GIVING November 1, 2017 Functionality is going to be pure Online Donations using credit cards. Replaces "A Place to give" and links directly into Blackbaud. 20 pilot Councils, good mix of 100 and 500 Councils. FundRaising Domain.


Mid - November 2017 Runs Daily, Power BI Reports Developed(Friends of Scouting, Special Events, etc.) Next Date Domain-Organizational

ONLINE REGISTRATION End - November 2017 New Registrar interface in late spring 2018. Migrate Online registration to new interface that will also help track and manage applications better. Membership Domain.

BLACKBAUD ROLLOUTS End - November 2017

Last wave of 32 councils handled in November. For the rest of the year, will be busy shutting down Fundraising and Campaign management in Scoutnet. Fundraising domain.

BE A SCOUT APP- PHASE 1 December 2017

Mobil app on Andriod, iOS for youth and will let youth track and update their badges , ranks, awards progress, update their profile, log their hiking, camping and service logs. Advancement Domain

MEMBER MANAGER February 2018 App Manager, Invitation Manager changes MyScouting App will help District Executives and Unit Leaders get notifications for pending applications, and leads. Membership Domain

COMING NEXT WORKPLACE BY FACEBOOK November 2017 Will help with council engagement, communication and collaboration.

IA REPLACEMENT Coming soon Part of Legacy sunset. Will help sunset Scoutnet data entry for Advancements information and also help us migrate off Service Hours, Council tools for Eagle Approvals . Advancement Domain

MYST + SCOUTBOOK Coming soon Learning for Life, Exploring integration into Scout native interface. Advancements, Membership Domains.

STEM INTO AKELA Coming soon Advancements, Membership Domains.

HCM Coming soon Solution exploration. Oracle HCM Support services.