Sevenoaks Triathlon

Your race number will be marked on your arm and leg with a black marker pen. The two race numbers must be clearly visible on your top during the cycle and ...
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Sunday 18 April 2010 – Competitor Information Sheet Dear Competitor, Thank you for entering the award winning Sevenoaks Triathlon organised by 7Oaks Tri Club. All the information you need to have a safe and enjoyable race can be found on this information sheet. Most importantly, please check your start time and race number that can be found under the Race tab of our website at As the race is based on a staggered start format, competitors will need to adhere strictly to their allocated start times. Whilst we will try to accommodate latecomers, you may be required to wait until all competitors have started if you are late. If you are a first time triathlete or this is your first time at a 7Oaks Tri Club Triathlon, please do not hesitate to seek out one of the marshals for advice if needed. The marshals, all of whom are triathletes, have been briefed to specifically look after your requirements. Parking & Directions There is ample parking in five different car parks none of which are more than five minutes walk from the Leisure Centre. Please look at the maps on the club website and also be prepared to park where requested by the marshals. If you are a local athlete and know the area, please park in Blighs Car Park and walk to the Leisure Centre. Please take extra care whilst parking as there may be cyclists and tired competitors around. Remember that local residents may not share your enthusiasm for early mornings – please be especially quiet if arriving before 08:30hrs. The Leisure Centre is at postcode TN13 1LW.

Race Rules The race will be run in conjunction with Technical & Competition Rules as laid down by the British Triathlon Federation (BTF). Competitors are expected to be familiar with these rules. They can be viewed on the BTF website at under the Events tab.

Registration, Changing Facilities & Information The registration desk is in the Leisure Centre. BTF members must produce their current race licence (one that expires March 2011) in order to be given the £2 race rebate. No licence, no rebate. Non BTF members will have paid for a day licence as part of their Race Entrance fee. You will collect your race numbers, including helmet sticker, bike sticker & goody bag at the registration desk. If you have any sort of medical issue that the medical team should know about please let the marshals at registration know – they will take the necessary details. Your race numbers are provided by Sportstiks and details of how to put them on will be at registration. On the single sheet that you receive will be the following:

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2 oval race numbers - if you do not have a race belt please stick these on the outer piece of clothing in which you will be cycling and running. Please ensure they are visible by sticking the front one in the centre of your chest and the rear one in the small of your back. If you are using a race belt then stick these back to back with the race belt through the two of them. There will be an example at registration Please do not stick these on to clothes that will be in the pool (ie tri suit) 1 long label to wrap around your seatpost so your number can be seen from both sides 1 long label to wrap around the handle of your kit bag or box that you will use in transition 1 number to stick on the front of your helmet 2 numbers to give to your supporters showing that they are supporting you 1 number for entering the prize draw – see later

Your race number will be marked on your arm and leg with a black marker pen. The two race numbers must be clearly visible on your top during the cycle and run sections (ideally on a race belt stuck back to back so that you can display one on your back during the cycle section and turn it to your front during the run). Male and female changing facilities with showers can be found downstairs in the Leisure Centre. Lockers available – you will need a 20p coin for this and please note this is not refunded (ie 20p each time you open locker). No other bag supervision will be available. Competitors are reminded of the no nudity rule for transition area; any infringement of this will result in disqualification. Toilet facilities can also be found within Leisure Centre.

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There will be a number of marshals wearing fluorescent bibs. If you need information, please ask a marshal. There will also be a PA system at the finish area. Medical There will be medical facilities at the Finish Area. The Leisure Centre itself also has trained first aiders and a first aid room. Refreshments Light refreshments will be available in the Leisure Centre Café from 08:00hrs. Retail / Massage There will be stands in the small car park by the Leisure Centre entrance, massage provided by The Tri Touch, bike repairs and retail by The Bike Warehouse, general race and running retail by Runners Retreat, BLOC Eyewear and the race charity, Royal London School for the Blind. Bike Racking Once you have registered, you will be able to rack your bike in the transition area which will be in the Leisure Centre car park. You must stick the numbered sticker given to you at registration corresponding to your race number onto your bike. Only competitors will be allowed into transition. There is also a sticker on your sheet for your transition bag / box with your race number on it. Your bike will be checked by the marshal to ensure that it is roadworthy (limited emergency mechanical supplies can be found at the finish area provided by The Bike Warehouse) as will your helmet to ensure that it complies with current BTF requirements. All competitors must wear a BTF approved helmet. If your bike is deemed unroadworthy or your helmet unsuitable, you will be given an opportunity to rectify this. If they are still deemed unsuitable after this then you will not be allowed to compete – no refunds will be given. You will then be directed to your allocated racking area by the transition marshal. Please do not take up more room than is necessary. Ensure that you have taken the time to familiarise yourself with the layout of the transition area so that you know where the exits are for the cycle & run legs and where you will be returning to into transition. Once you have racked your bike please then proceed to the swimming pool through the main entrance to the leisure centre. You cannot access the pool by the door from the car park. Swim Section Competitors’ start times must be strictly observed. Please arrive on poolside at least 10 minutes before your allocated swim start time. You will be given your timing chip on poolside which must be worn around your ankle. You will be directed by the Chief Swim Marshal to one of six lanes and be given a swim hat to wear (this must be worn so that the swim marshals can identify you to count your lengths). You will be counted down from 10 seconds and then told to commence your swim; there may be up to 3 others in your lane with you. Please swim in your lane in the direction indicated by the marshals allowing faster swimmers to overtake you when appropriate (please do not hog the middle of the lane). If you wish to overtake the swimmer in front of you, a gentle tap on their feet will let them know. You will swim 16 lengths in total (400m). At the end of your 14th length, a ‘two-lengths to go’ board will be lowered into the water by a swim marshal to inform you that you have two lengths left to swim. When you have completed your swim, exit the water, leave your hat, turn right at

the end of the pool and go to the transition area. You will be required to pass over a timing mat to activate your electronic timing chip before entering the transition area. Cycle Section Please take care in the transition area. Before you un-rack your bike, you must ensure that your helmet is worn with the strap fastened. Proceed with your bike to the bike start mount line (no cycling is allowed in the transition area) where you will be instructed to mount your bike and begin cycling by a cycle marshal. You must not wear anything that impedes your hearing at any time during the race (e.g. any form of earphones, headphones, mobile phones, iPod etc). The cycle route is approximately 15 miles / 25 kilometres of undulating terrain – the race route explanation, photos and a course video can be seen on the club website under the 7Oaks Race tab ( Competitors must at all times obey the Highway Code and give way to traffic when required to (you will be disqualified if you do not). There will be cycle route marshals along the route. Please listen carefully to any instructions they give. They are there to assist with your safety but are not responsible for it. There will be a cordoned off cycle lane coming out of transition for approximately 300 metres and one returning to transition for a similar distance. The rest of the time the route is on the public highway where the roads are not closed. There are a set of pedestrian lights on the way out along Sevenoaks High Street which competitors must respect if required to do so. Once the last competitor is on the bike course, a sweep car will follow to ensure that no one is in difficulty and to offer assistance if needed. If you have any mechanical problems during the bike leg and are unable to fix them yourself, please ask a competitor to notify the next marshal they see to inform the race control that you are in difficulty. If you notice anyone in difficulty, mechanical or otherwise, please notify a marshal giving as much detail as possible. When completing the cycle leg you will be directed by a marshal into the transition area. On reaching the dismount line you will be instructed to dismount your bike by the dismount marshal. Please do not remove your helmet until your bike is safely racked. Once you have safely racked your bike, proceed to the run section exit from transition. Run Section The run section of the race is approximately 5 miles / 8 kilometres in length on tracks and trails around the beautiful Knole Park. Again, please familiarise yourself with the transition area to identify where you need to exit transition to begin your run. Marshals will be in place to direct you on the run. Please familiarise yourself with the run course by clicking on the link to it in the race section of the website A drinks station with water and Gatorade is on the run course at about 4.5 km / 2.8 miles. Finish Area & Timing Having passed through the finish arch and timing mat, your timing chip will be removed and you will be presented with your specially struck finishers’ medal. Water, Gatorade and a recovery drink provided by For Goodness Shakes! will be available. You will also have the opportunity to have a photograph taken with your finishers medal by Sussex Sports Photography. Your timing chip will have been detected at various points around the course and as you cross the finish line. Please ensure that you return this timing chip at the finish area. Results will be displayed on a large screen by the timing vehicle in the small car park by the Leisure Centre entrance and published to the 7Oaks Tri Club website as soon as possible. Once you have finished, please collect your bike from the transition area as soon as you can. Only competitors displaying race numbers will be allowed into the transition area. Your race number and bike sticker will need to match in order to be allowed out of the transition area with your bike. Additional Instructions for relay teams Please ensure ALL members of your team have read these instructions. All relay team members should register together and they will all receive a goody bag. All members of the team need to be ‘body marked’ at registration (i.e. having the team race number written in marker on their arms and legs). All relay teams have race numbers in the 400+ range for easy identification. Once you have registered, the cyclist must put the labels on their helmet and bike as per the instruction sheet and one of the race number labels on their lower back. The runner must put the race number label on their front. The cyclist must then rack their bike in transition and other team members will need to see where this is. The swimmer should then be on poolside at about 10 minutes before their allotted start time (see start list outside registration). No other team members can be on poolside.

The swimmer will be given the timing chip and Velcro strap to be fixed to their ankle on the poolside before the swim. After their swim they go to the transition area where the cyclist must be standing by their bike with their helmet already fastened. The timing chip is then passed from the ankle of the swimmer to that of the cyclist who only then may remove the bike and walk / run to the exit of transition where they will be told they can mount their bike. The runner must not be in transition at this time. The swimmer must then exit transition. After the cyclist has finished the bike leg and come into transition they must rack their bike in the same place and only then can the timing chip be passed to the runner to put on their ankle before starting the run. The swimmer must not be in transition at this time. At the finish the runner will receive a medal and also two extra ones for the swimmer and cyclist. When the whole race is complete – only the cyclist can remove the bike by showing their race number and body marking to match the label on the bike. All team members must ensure they are not obstructing other athletes in the transition areas. Enjoy your race – please ask the marshals if you have any questions.

Prizes, Results & Photography All finishers will receive a commemorative medal. Spot prizes may be awarded to finishers who have made notable achievements on the day. The prize giving ceremony will take place as soon as possible after the last competitor has finished (approximately 12pm) at the finish arch. Trophies will be presented to the following categories for both Male and Female: 1st, 2nd & 3rd Overall 1st Junior (Under 19 - born on or before 31/12/91) 1st Vet (40-49 - born between 31/12/70 and 01/01/61) 1st Super Vet (50-59 - born between 31/12/60 and 01/01/51) 1st Mega Vet (60-69 - born between 31/12/50 and 01/01/41) 1st Ultra Vet (Over 70 – born before 31/12/40) If there are no competitors in an age group then no prize will be presented. Should an individual qualify for more than one prize then the overall prize will be awarded to that individual first and the other prize will be awarded to the next fastest finisher in that category. After the awards have been made, there will be a prize draw for all competitors who put their number into the box at registration. The prizes to be won are a laptop from Sevenoaks Computers, a training holiday with Tri-Topia, a Bike Box, a Reaction wetsuit from blueseventy, a TIMEX Ironman Race Trainer watch, a package of compression wear from SLS3® and two entries for the London Triathlon. Competitors must be there to claim the prize or it will be redrawn. Photographers from Sussex Sport Photography will be taking photos throughout the event. There will be a link to their website from the 7Oaks Tri Club website where you will be able to purchase photos. More info can be found at

Finally Please listen carefully to all announcements during the event as there may be unforeseen circumstances that could affect the race in some way. We hope you have a great day.

ENJOY YOUR RACE Gez Morgan – Race Director

Pre-Race Checklist

Current BTF licence (ie expiring March 2011) if you have one 20p coin for the locker (this is not refundable) Goggles Race belt Bike (in roadworthy condition) Bike Helmet (which confirms to BTF regulations) Bike Shoes Bottle of drink for the bike Running shoes Towel Clothes to change afterwards

Before you go into registration:

Do you know your race number? (on website and outside registration) Have you got your BTF licence?

After registration:

Did you tell the registration marshal about any medical issues? Have you been ‘body marked’? Did you receive your goody bag? Do you know where all the race number stickers go? Did you enter the prize draw?

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