seventh ray - Isaac Tigrett

INTRODUCTION. In January 1986, several students of the Ascended Master Teaching received the prompting that there was am urgent need to reach out and ...
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By The Ascended Master SAINT GERMAIN Compiled and Edited By Thomas Printz Ascended Master Teaching Foundation Mount Shasta, California

INTRODUCTION In January 1986, several students of the Ascended Master Teaching received the prompting that there was am urgent need to reach out and present this teaching to additional students. It was decided to simultaneously publish six books, this one included. These books were published many years ago, but unfortunately, were not circulated on as wide a basis as possible. Now is the propitious time to circulate them on a large scale, as the Masters had urged from the beginning. Two books were last printed in 1957, one book (until two years ago) was made available only to members, only two of them were translated, and none was available in bookstores. The material of The Seventh Ray was given by Saint Germain through the messenger of the “Bridge to Freedom”, Geraldine Innocenti in 1953. Ascended Master Teaching is different from any other teaching or system of knowledge. The instructions came from Ascended Beings and were given through two messengers who through the example of their conduct during many embodiments and through years of training at inner levels qualified for this service. Mr. Ballard had worked with Saint Germain during past embodiments and Ms. Innocenti had worked with the brotherhood and was embodied four times as an oracle of Delphi. In addition, she is the twin-flame of the Ascended Master, El Morya. Therefore, the message given through Mr. Ballard and Ms. Innocenti is ONE; it originated from the same source and it contains the same explanations of the Law of Life. The amount of material is enormous. There are about 15,000 pages of original dictations. If the student compares the scope, detail and the many fields covered and he compares it with any other teaching, he will agree there is a difference. Commenting on the depth and scope of the dictations of the 1930's and 1950's, the Masters emphasized that the material given was ten times more than to gain the ascension. Hence, the requirement of the hour is the study and practice of what has been given. This will facilitate laying the foundation for a new dispensation. The text contains several articles dealing with group activity. Therefore, it may become a helpful guide for group leaders and group members alike. In the Appendix are several articles on music, which forms a vital part of this activity. The section on beneficial radiations should prove useful to the student. When the Ascended Masters established the “Bridge to Freedom,” activity, they had hoped to gain the cooperation of the leaders of certain existing groups. Having this in mind, they introduced the concepts of shared leadership. One article shown in the Appendix indicates why this effort was not successful. The Masters stated that students of Ascended Master teaching are best qualified

to be the leaders in the Golden Age. “They are the ones who know best about Life and the Laws of Life, and how to deal with the different situations the Earth is now faced with.” These students know how to deal with the oppositionthe forces of darkness. They know how to protect themselves from negative influences, and how to invoke the assistance of the Great Ones through the powers of magnetization, precipitation, visualization and the spoken word. They have the understanding of restoring the sacred relationship of religion and science, which were thought of as ONE during ancient times. The students, in turn, need to be receptive and tune into the loving counsel and guidance of the Ascended Masters. These are their real leaders. They have the vision and overall plan to bring in the Golden Age, and they know best how to face the obstacles that lie ahead. Without the assistance of the Ascended Masters there would be no hope for the world. With the assistance of the Ascended Masters and the sincere, determined effort of a few students, victory is assured. FORWARD To understand the opportunity that lies within the be