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Cloud. Process. Agenda. Closing and Q&A. Content & Apps. Overview .... Search. • Consider Hybrid Search. • MMS. • You want to consider 3rd party tools. • BCS.
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Welcome and Intro Mike Maadarani, Ottawa App Dev and Architecture for over 22 years (19 Years Microsoft, 3 Years with the “Other Guys”) Business focused on Enterprise Content Management, Search, & Publishing Sites Architect, trainer, and presenter [email protected]



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Migration Life Cycle

Agenda Overview

Content & Apps

Closing and Q&A


History recap


2007 – 2012: Revolutionary Trends

SharePoint 2013

SharePoint Evolution to 2016

Should I upgrade?

Overview What is Migration? • The movement from one location (Source) to another location (Target) What is IT Migration? • People, Hardware, Software, Systems, Data, Information, Business Processes, Applications, Services What is Information Migration? • The movement of documents, metadata, taxonomy and structure, security, and business process logic

Should I upgrade or migrate?

Migration/Upgrade Lifecycle TARGET

SOURCE File Share Exchange Public Folders Lotus Notes Web Content SharePoint Other LOB Systems

SharePoint Online





Sustain SharePoint OnPremises

Analyze: Decision Points •

Content Analysis • • • • • • •

File Shares Personal Content Exchange Public Folders Notes Databases Existing SharePoint farms Web Content Other lines of business applications

• • • •

Stakeholder(s) (Accountability) Business Drivers (Awareness) Information Technology (Accessibility) Individual(s) (Owner)

Who is involved?

Where is our content? • Hosted or In House • Centralized or Decentralized • Local or Abroad

Analyze: Decision Points •

Content Analysis • • • • • • •

How much content? How large? How many layers? (Web Applications, Site Collections, Sites) Content Types, Metadata? CTH? Security Levels Workflows Linked Information M.U.D.R (Systems and Content) • Maintain • Upgrade • Dispose • Replace

Analyze: Decision Points •

Service Applications Analysis • • • • • •

Search Managed Metadata Secure Store (must be done before BCS) BCS User Profiles PerformancePoint

Analyze: Decision Points •

Custom Code • • • • •

WSP Event receivers Apps (if 2013 to Online) Workflows Etc…

3rd Party Tools

Analyze: Action Points •

Action Items • • • •

Roles and Responsibility Matrix Content Inventory Worksheet Security Report Decision: Build or Buy migration tools AND services

Step 2 Plan your battle

Private Cloud Full Access

Farm Solutions Sandbox Solutions


Expensive to run Expensive to maintain


We know what we know We expect innovation and great new features

Azure VMs for you needs If you’re used to a virtual environment, you’re ready for Azure A few quirks

Full Access Farm Solutions Sandbox Solutions

$$ Pricier Not clear on upfront cost

SharePoint Online Limited Access No Farm Solutions SharePoint Framework, Modern, Azure Apps, Functions, etc.

$$ Totally based on access AND “seats” Usually cheaper that the other options

Features and Support New Features come online first Updates are almost every quarter Great support from MS and the partners community

Hybrid Solution Online + On-premises Online + Azure Azure + On-Premises

Upgrade Scenarios

Gradual Upgrade

Database Attach Up