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Microsoft SharePoint is one of the most popular solution platforms in the world. ... many different business solutions in a single platform such as intranets, public portals ... Having skilled, experienced resources at all levels when implementing a ...
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SHAREPOINT SOLUTIONS Microsoft SharePoint is one of the most popular solution platforms in the world. It empowers organizations to develop many different business solutions in a single platform such as intranets, public portals, enterprise search systems, content management systems, workflow solutions, business intelligence, etc. However, it is unfortunate that many organizations are not using SharePoint to its full potential, mainly due to lack of awareness and expertise. This results in businesses using additional software solutions to handle functionalities already available in SharePoint. Having skilled, experienced resources at all levels when implementing a solution as complex and powerful as Microsoft SharePoint is where Enadoc can help you. As one of the most sought-after document management solutions and services companies, Enadoc, together with its parent company, Tech One Global Pvt. Ltd., has implemented many successful SharePoint solutions throughout the world. We have accumulated a lot of experience in delivering SharePoint services to many clients in different market segments including Public, Private, and NGOs. We understand that every business is unique and the same working model will not yield optimum results for two or more businesses. This is why we tailor our services to meet the unique and specific requirements of each and every client by providing timely, relevant, and customized solutions with continually improving human resources, processes and technologies. Tech One Global Group (with Enadoc) is a Microsoft Partner and Gold Certified Solutions Partner. We work with all versions of SharePoint, from the oldest to the latest editions. Our services include:

Sharepoint Consultancy Services With over 10 years of focused experience on enterprise content management, document capture, electronic workflows, and enterprise search, we provide consulting services to organizations to plan, design, implement, and manage Microsoft SharePoint solutions. All our consultants are Microsoft Certified and we proudly assure you that we have the best human resources in the industry to assist and guide you towards your business goal realization.

Document Management with Sharepoint Managing large document repositories can be a big challenge to any business especially when it produces millions of digital and electronic records. Being a focused document management solutions and services provider, we have unmatched expertise and experience in developing document management solutions on SharePoint. Document Capture for Sharepoint To fully leverage the capabilities of SharePoint, organizations need an advanced capture management solution with capabilities such as automated capture, recognition, and transformation capabilities. As Microsoft SharePoint does not offer enterprise capture capabilities, we provide solutions to our customers with industry-leading capture products from Kofax, Fujitsu and Readsoft. Once implemented, these systems can capture, transform, and release content and other information directly into your SharePoint libraries and other business applications.

Portal Solutions SharePoint offers single infrastructure to provide portal and collaboration capabilities across intranet, extranet, and internet sites. The potential of SharePoint is based on the delivery of easy to own and easy to use web sites, both for internal and external uses. We can work with you to design and deploy your intranet or public portals in a cost-effective manner.


Sharepoint Workflows Organizations use SharePoint workflows to collaborate on documents and manage tasks by implementing business processes. We provide services to implement different workflow solution requirements for customers including out-of-the-box SharePoint workflows to custom-developed advanced workflows using SharePoint Designer, Visual Studio, and Microsoft InfoPath.

Enterprise Search SharePoint has a powerful search engine which can be customized