Shelter/NFI Cluster TWiG Recommendations on Summerisation ...

Apr 27, 2015 - Implementation modality. Rental and hosting. External shading of windows. $50. • Those presumably not covered through unconditional cash.
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Shelter/NFI  Cluster  TWiG   Recommendations  on  Summerisation  Assistance   Introduction   The  following  document  has  been  prepared  by  the  Shelter/NFI  Cluster,  Summerisation  Technical  Working  Group  (TWiG)  to  provide  advice  to   agencies  providing  shelter  and  NFI  assistance  to  the  internally  displaced  population  of  Iraq.  The  document  is  based  on  lessons  learned  from   summerisation  efforts  in  2014  and  from  feedback  from  post  distribution  monitoring  of  winterisation  assistance  in  late  2014  and  early  2015  and   upon  global  guidance  documents  on  selection  of  NFIs  and  shelter  for  summerisation.  Timeframe  for  provision  of  this  assistance  is  during  the   summer  of  2015.      

1.   Vulnerability  based  distributions   In  the  highly  restricted  funding  environment  in  Iraq,  the  Shelter/NFI  Cluster  recommends  that  agencies  move  towards  vulnerability  based   distributions  rather  than  ‘blanket’  or  total  coverage  of  a  given  population.  The  TWiG  recognised  that  this  may  prove  challenging  in  areas   such  as  camps  where  IDPs  have  become  accustomed  to  100%  coverage  distributions  and  see  summerisation  as  an  opportunity  for   agencies  to  pilot  strategies  for  better  targeting  limited  assistance.  

2.  Gender  and  Protection   Construction  of  settlement  and  camp  level  shade  structures  should  include  gender  and  culturally  segregated  community  consultations  to   ensure  the  needs  of  different  groups  are  considered,  such  as  the  potential  need  for  separate  shade  areas  or  privacy  screens  between  shade   areas  for  men,  women,  girls  and  boys.  Siting  and  construction  of  shade  structures  should  ensure  access  for  the  elderly  and  those  living  with   a  disability  or  illnesses,  as  they  may  be  more  vulnerable  to  the  effects  of  extreme  heat.  

3.  Cash  based  assistance   The  preferred  implementation  modality  for  summerisation  programs  is  through  cash  based  assistance.  This  is  in  line  with  the  broader  move   by  the  humanitarian  community  in  Iraq  to  a  greater  use  of  direct  cash  where  possible.  In  many  areas  the  provision  of  cash  assistance  can  be   used  to  help  create  or  encourage  markets  that  may  not  have  existed  or  have  been  damaged.  Summerisation  programs  offer  an  ideal   opportunity  for  many  agencies  to  pilot  the  use  of  cash  for  shelter  and  NFI  assistance.  Partners  can  resort  to  NFI  kits  distribution  only  in   remote  locations  with  limited  access  to  the  markets  (including  in  some  camps)  or  in  case  of  special  vulnerabilities.  Recommended  kits  and   their  cost  in  cash  are  proposed  below.  

4.  Evaporative  water  coolers     There  has  been  much  discussion  within  both  the  broader  cluster  and  the  Summerisation  TWiG  about  the  distribution  of  evaporative  water   coolers.  Although  these  may  be  seen  as  an  effective  solution  for  summer  cooling  in  the  dry  climate  of  Iraq,  the  restricted  funding   environment,  expected  increases  in  those  requiring  assistance  and  supply  limitations  of  both  water  and  electricity  in  many  locations,  means   they  are  not  recommended  for  distribution.  If  non-­cluster  members  provide  them,  it  is  recommended  that  such  organisations  be  encouraged   to  only  do  so  in  communal  areas  and  take  direct  responsibility  for  the  increased  water  and  electricity  requirements.  

5.  Mosquito  nets   The  Summerisation  TWiG  noted  that  while  in  many  areas  of  Iraq  summers  are  too  hot  and  dry  for  mosquitoes,  some  areas  particularly  in  the   south  face  higher  humidity  and  mosquito  nets  should  be  included  in  summerisation  programs  in  these  areas.    

Shelter/NFI  Cluster  TWiG   Recommendations  on  Summerisation  Assistance   Loc