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certificate may already be included in your hosting fees. If your ad serving is in-house, ... server hosting the secure web page is encrypted, mean- ing no one can ...
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SHIFT TO SECURE Secure Ad Serving

What Is Secure Ad Serving (HTTPS)

Why Convert To Secure Ad Serving?

When a web page or app is hosted on a server enabled with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol via a security certificate, content sent between a user’s browser and the server hosting the secure web page is encrypted, meaning no one can intercept confidential information typed into the user’s browser even when connecting over public networks such as in coffee shops. A secure site is easily identified by the https:// in the URL, rather than http://.

The volume of exclusive secure inventory now available on the REVV platform exceeds 6 billion imps/month and growing! More than 40% of Rubicon’s top DSP and Network partners currently support HTTPS and can buy secure inventory on REVV. By the end of the year, we expect over 70% of our demand partners will support HTTPS. These are also some of the fastest growing inventory sources on the REVV platform. If you don’t support secure ad serving you are missing ever increasing revenue opportunities.

Sites that use secure pages must also serve secure ad content. Everything has to be hosted on a secure server — all ads, creatives, pixels, etc.

Facebook Apps and Secure Viewing Currently, more than 60% of Facebook traffic is secure. Since Facebook enabled secure serving (HTTPS) a large portion of the user base has enabled it in their account settings, showing demand for the option despite little promotion. As a result , Facebook now requires all apps provide an SSL certificate to allow secure browsing. This applies to any advertising serving on Facebook app pages. Secure traffic requires ad tags and creatives run on secure servers in order for the impression to be displayed. Many of the top Facebook App developers including Zynga, EA, Popcap, and many more, use the REVV Platform to sell their large amounts of inventory.

What Do Buyers Need To Do? To buy secure inventory through REVV for Demand, you must support secure serving. The tags you provide to Rubicon must be secure; which is to say all URLs within tags or subsequent pixel calls must be https URLs not http URLs. Creatives must be secure as well. To make your tags and creatives secure you will need an SSL certificate. If your ad serving is outsourced you can obtain the certificate from your hosting company. The certificate may already be included in your hosting fees. If your ad serving is in-house, you will need to buy an SSL certificate. There are companies which offer various options. Once you make your servers secure you will be able to buy secure inventory on REVV. Contact your Demand Manager for more information.

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