DreamTrips Marketing and Development. Listen as she ... Listen to our in-house DreamTrips app expert, ... 20 years in the software development industry,.
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(PART 2)

Once again we dive deeper into the world of DreamTrips™, and discuss how it is more than just a vacation. For act two of this miniseries, travel behind the curtain for an insider’s view of the people who make DreamTrips come to life.


Deena Siddiqi explains what goes into building a DreamTrip in the African continent

Wayne McMullen gets exclusive insight from Deena Siddiqi, Rovia Senior Manager of DreamTrips Marketing and Development. Listen as she explains what it takes to curate a DreamTrip from start-to-finish in one of our fastest growing markets, Africa. Hailing from Africa herself, Deena describes the “what” along with the many “who’s” that play a vital role in building these trips from the ground up.

SOCIAL BEAT Our very own social media maven, Jason Clayden gives the rundown of our many member-exclusive social media platforms and how to properly share experiences through these channels. Listen as Jason speaks candidly on the do’s and don’ts of posting to social media, as well as shares his top favorite outside platforms for finding up-to-date news both locally and globally from the travel community.

MEMBER SPOTLIGHT Listen to our in-house DreamTrips app expert, Jim Hobart explain just how this unique feature was designed to take your DreamTrip experience to the next level. With more than 20 years in the software development industry, Jim explains how he has channeled his expertise to design digital tools to benefit our member’s Jim Hobart demonstrates how his love for travel travel experience. Did we also mention Jim helps him understand what Members want from the DreamTrips app is a world traveler? One of his most utilized components of the app is the messenger feature, which allows our members to form global connections whether it is before, during or after a DreamTrip. And this is just the beginning. Jim even gives exclusive insight into future plans for even more digital tools to make your travels, dining and entertainment experiences that much easier.


Members getting to drive their Dream Cars at DTL partner, SpeedVegas

Co-host Hannah DeClerk decides to keep it extra local in this segment and feature the podcast’s very own Jason Clayden. Jason, attended the launch of DreamTrips Local in Las Vegas in October, and shares a firstperson narrative of his experience. The launch also kicks-off the newest program offerings: entertainment activities ranging from megabus tours to helicopter rides and much more.

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