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The Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC), the state agency committed to helping to make college accessible and affordable for Illinois families, confers ...
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SCHAUMBURG HIGH SCHOOL ANNOUNCES ILLINOIS STATE SCHOLARS Illinois Student Assistance Commission applauds the success of 82 Schaumburg High School students Mr. Little is pleased to announce that 82 Schaumburg High School students from the graduating class of 2017 have been recognized as Illinois State Scholars. The Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC), the state agency committed to helping to make college accessible and affordable for Illinois families, confers this prestigious recognition annually to top Illinois high school students. This year, approximately 19,300 exceptional honorees join the other top state students honored for their academic achievements since the designation was first introduced in 1958. Illinois State Scholars represent approximately the top ten percent of high school seniors from 765 high schools across the state. Illinois State Scholars possess strong academic potential and are chosen based on a combination of exemplary ACT or SAT test scores and sixth semester class rank. “Schaumburg High School takes pride in the accomplishments of our students,” said Mr. Little. “We are pleased to recognize the success of the following students from the Class of 2017 as our 2017-18 Illinois State Scholars” Aberman, Matthew Alvarado, David Arient, Michael Bird, Andrew Birriel, Rebecca Bradford, Jordan Chen, Samuel Chendra, Adrian Chu, Isaiah Cook, Alexandra Di Sandro, Akira Dombek, Hayley Donovan, Quinn Dutka, Robert Eberhardt, Kevin Edwards, Jacob Faitz, Michael Farb, Kathryn Finneran, Ann Gawronska, Julia Gerber, Mallory Harberts, Jordyn Heitzler, Courtney Herrmann, Taylor Hilgart, Vincent Hinz, Rebecca Hyman, Hannah Janega, Alison

Jensen, Brianne Joffee, Benjamin Joshi, Neeti Kalangari, Varsha Kitlinski, Jacob Kossack, Emily Krug, Danielle Lee, Joanne Lietz, Theodore Liu, Sarah Lober, Nina London, Elise Markiewicz, Damian Moorehouse, Tara Napier, Natalie Nichols, Joshua Nicholson, Matthew Ninos, Nicholas Nowlin, Jordan Olano, Jacob Paolo Park, Ji Won Patel, Avi Patel, Charmi Patel, Dhivan Patel, Priya Patel, Priyesh Patel, Ravi Pearson, Hannah

Petit, Leilah Pilate-Jean, Kira Pizza, Andrew Podkowa, Sarah Pyde, Daniel Raj, Naveen Rees, Shannon Schluckbier, Tracy Schubbe, Samantha Singh, Aditi Smith, Quinlan Solanki, Sameet Stone, Courtney Szablinski, Natalie Tessarolo, Alanna Uday, Hitha Valerio, Daniela Vanderbleek, Ethan Vashi, Kshitij Villamayor, Kyle-Bryan Wallace, Katherine Yohe, Adam Zagorski, Nicole Zanichelli, Anthony Zegler, Briana Zuleger, Quinn

“I applaud all of the 2017-18 state scholars for their hard work and outstanding academic performance,” said Eric Zarnikow, ISAC executive director. “Students have a lot to contend with as they move through high school—from increased testing to extracurricular activities to highly competitive college admissions. Kudos to these students and also to the teachers, parents, coaches and other mentors who contributed to their success and helped them navigate a path towards college and career success.” While State Scholar recognition does not include a monetary prize, students receive congratulatory letters from ISAC as well as personalized Certificates of Achievement sent to each high school for distribution. A list of current Illinois State Scholars can also be found on ISAC’s website. Students are urged to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as soon as possible, if they haven’t already. The 2017-18 FAFSA, which became available on October 1, 2016, determines eligibility for federal and state aid. ISAC offers free financial aid and college access events to assist students and families with the college-going process. Students can also visit the ISAC Student Portal for college planning, financial aid and financial literacy information and free tools, as well as information on how to contact the ISACorps, a group of recent college graduates who act as near-peer mentors, for one-on-one assistance and mentoring. Students can also get answers to their college-going and financial aid questions sent directly to their phones by signing up for ISAC College Q&A, ISAC’s free text messaging service. Visit the ISAC Student Portal for more information at