Silverpop Mocial Survey: How Companies Are Using Social, Mobile ...

conducting business on mobile devices is the norm, and smart phone apps are moving .... opt-ins on their company's Facebook page, and only 4 percent of.
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SILVERPOP MOCIAL SURVEY: How Companies Are Using Social, Mobile, Local and Email A Silverpop White Paper



Silverpop Mocial Survey: How Companies Are Using Social, Mobile, Local and Email


uccessful marketers know that they need to go where their customers are. But in today’s world gone “mocial,” in which mobile, social and local forms of communication mix and mingle with email in new and unexpected ways, where exactly is that?

To gain a better understanding of how today’s marketers are using—and plan to use—various mocial mediums to communicate with customers, Silverpop polled more than 500 online marketers regarding their use of social, email, mobile and local forms of communication. We found varying levels of mocial adoption and pinpointed several notable areas in which there is room for growth.

Study Findings and Summary While usage patterns and best practices are still developing in the mocial world, Silverpop’s survey identified several key trends: • Few companies are using social and mobile to drive email opt-ins. Despite the opportunity to drive new customers to the email channel, only about one in 10 companies are offering an email optin on their Facebook pages—and even less use SMS to increase email subscriptions. • Email lists still trump Facebook and Twitter followers. Though the average ratio of email subscribers to Facebook likes or Twitter followers varies based on industry and company size, companies across the board average several times the number of email subscribers to Facebook/Twitter members—and in many cases the ratio is 50:1 or greater. • Mobile marketing initiatives are still evolving. Although the majority of respondents plans to unroll mobile apps by the end of 2012, only about 1 in 10 foresees their company using local check-ins. • Preference centers have room for improvement. The only constant among the channels offered in preference centers is email, leaving plenty of opportunity for savvy marketers to connect with channelchoosy customers and prospects by providing additional options. • Mocial planning and integration is in the early stages. Few respondents said their marketing programs are fully integrated, and most are still wrestling with how to measure and evaluate these initiatives.

Overall Channel Integration According to, more than 250 million active users log on to Facebook on any given day—it has become the second most popular destination on the Web. Chatting, tweeting, texting, checking in and even conducting business on mobile devices is the norm, and smart phone apps are moving users off the Web. The world has gone mocial, and marketers must upgrade their programs to keep up. Email, mobile, social media and location-based services each have their own special place in a successful marketing campaign and should be

leveraged to reinforce each other. According to Silverpop’s survey, most marketers are making some effort toward achieving integrated campaigns across channels, but there is still ample room for improvement. When respondents were asked to indicate the level of integration within their marketing initiatives, only 17 percent indicated full integration across their email, social and mobile programs. To achieve maximum impact, you should aim to integrate mocial efforts whenever possible, capturing email addresses via Facebook, driving your Twitter followers to your blog with a teaser tweet, and blogging about an exclusive SMS promotion—and vice versa.

Goals, Measurement and Tracking Just like anything else in marketing, as something grows, you want to measure it. Mocial is no different. You should be aligning your mocial metrics with the key performance indicators your company is already familiar with. Paying attention to more traditional metrics such as exposure, influence and engagement is important when evaluating the success of these channels, but you should also k