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The Data Module helps you to measure, monitor and report your ... and is one less job for you to do. Monitoring and ... process of data capture and entry.
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Data Module The Data Module helps you to measure, monitor and report your organisation’s environmental performance quickly and efficiently. The Data Module can cover a wide variety of environmental data including water consumption, waste production and carbon emissions. This data can then be analysed and reported on from within the module. Save time and money

Keeps you up-to-date

The Data Module streamlines the entire process of collecting and reporting on your organisations environmental data, freeing up time and human resources.

The Data Module comes with an extensive database of carbon conversion factors. These factors are regularly updated to ensure they are always in-line with best practice. This simplifies the entire process of calculating your organisation’s carbon footprint, and is one less job for you to do.

Flexible data entry Being a web-based tool, it is simple for you and your staff to use the Data module from multiple locations. This makes the whole process of data capture and entry straightforward and efficient. It is ideal for larger organisations operating at multiple sites in the UK and abroad. Extra information can also be easily added into the system e.g. utility bills and waste transfer notes to give your data a complete audit trail.

Measure key performance indicators (KPIs) The Data Module makes it easy to calculate and report on either relative or absolute KPI values e.g. emissions per square metre of floor space and tonnes of waste produced, respectively. The module can also produce detailed reports with graphics for any KPI entered into the system.

Monitoring and reporting You can easily track your performance at either monthly or yearly intervals. The Data Module can automatically produce detailed reports on your environmental data and output these in a variety of file formats e.g. PDF & Word compatible RTF.

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