brake a Retreat to some extent. ... to find alternatives that won't brake ... track results so that you have an accurate overview of which websites sent you inquiries ...
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Where to market your Retreat



MISSION STATEMENT Since opening Amara Retreat in June last year we have had the pleasure of hosting more Retreats than we thought we would in our first year of operation. 

Social media plays a big part in this as well. Your guests will herald your Retreats to their friends if they had an outstanding time and they will certainly be posting on Social Media.

How did we do this? Well, social media advertising is definitely one of the most important factors we considered. Especially as the first step. The second step was to deliver authenticity and a stunning environment to our Retreat Facilitators. The venue can make or brake a Retreat to some extent. And, word of mouth will always be your best form of promotion.

It can be expensive to use paid social media advertising and only useful if you can keep a consistent campaign going. This report is here to help you to find alternatives that won't brake the bank.  


Where to Market Your Retreat Online Many Retreat organisers who want to share their knowledge and inspire others unfortunately often don’t know the key factors behind running a successful Retreat that attracts good bookings and is also profitable. First priorities are considering the ‘why’ and ‘when’ of running your Retreat and how you will create an outstanding and meaningful experience for attendees. There’s a lot to know and do across months of advance planning and in an earlier report (click to link) we looked at the importance of pricing, finding a suitable Retreat venue, having terms and conditions; and of course marketing strategies and tactics that will attract enough attendees. In addition to your own online marketing program on leading platforms like Facebook and Instagram and your offline and local community-building activities, let’s additionally look at where you can market your Retreat online. 1. Retreat Listings Websites Internationally, the Retreat sector has a strong Internet presence and Googling ‘Retreats’ now brings up hundreds if not thousands of events, related sites and information from all over the world. How can your own Retreat stand out and most importantly - get bookings in this sea of competition? Firstly, there are a number of dedicated Retreat Listings websites available for organisers where you can add and promote your Retreat, reaching wider audiences than your own marketing efforts. We’ve listed leading sites online below that offer a varied range of free and paid promotional options to help you market your Retreat. Add a listing or run a promotion on one or more of these international listings sites, after comparing their options, audience reach and costs for paid promotions. (Remember to track results so that you have an accurate overview of which websites sent you inquiries and bookings. This is invaluable ‘return on investment’ data for your marketing spend and for any future Retreats to be promoted). The Retreat Company The Retreat Company is one of the longest running international retreat portals, operating since 1996 providing retreats and helping and support the retreat industry as a whole. Promotional options range from a free classified listing to an Au$63 one-off event listing, or up to an Au$120 annual package.

Retreat Guru This industry site states ‘listing on Retreat Guru will always be free’. With deep roots in the Retreat sector over 20 years, the site has visitors from 128 countries. It promotes nearly 32,000 events, Retreats, teachers and centres and processes $65+ million by its booking system each year. Retreat Finder Leading site Retreat Finder offers a choice of promotional options from free to paid across three channels - directory listings, display ads and newsletter articles. The busy site receives over 65,000 listing views per month and 47,000+ visits per month (as of August 2017). www.retreatfind