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2004 Seeking informed ... 2006 Information seeking ..... Social psychological correlates of paying attention to cancer symptoms and seeking medical help.
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Social Science & Medicine. SEARCH: TITLE-ABSTR-KEY(Cancer) or TITLE-ABSTR-KEY(Oncology) or or TITLE-ABSTR-KEY(Oncologist). TABLE_ Order by Type. Protocolos/Guías Procesos médicos/ Técnicas de cribado/ Lo psicológico/ Discursos Investigación Prevención/Riesgo Precaución/Intervención 2010 Pragmatic 2009 Evidence-based 2008 What affects the uptake 2005 A meta-analytic 2005 “Like roulette”: evidence and healthcare in practice: A of screening for bowel investigation of the Discourseswomen's of normality 2002 Qualitative differences 2005 A tailored intervention to 2010 Cancer and Mastery: Do 2007 Australian textual study of clinician cancer using a faecal relationship between the of among cancer clinical promote breast cancer Age Cohort Matter? and difference: 2004 Seeking informed 2004 Accommodating risk: 2009 ‘If it and almost kills you that 2000 explanations Thinking differently arrangements: A resistance, professional occult blood test (FOBt): psychological distress of gynecological cancers trial explanations screening South Responses to diagnosis to cancer to BRCA1/2 it's for working!’ thinking positive: Experts and ‘knowledge 2006 Responses Formative among research on Searching and Organochlorines and a 2009 consent 2009 means 2001 about case study of de-skilling, and interA qualitative study cancer patients and their Asian immigrant women and treatment of clinical trials:: describing genetic testing of women Cultural models of discursive approach to that counts’: studyofinto 2002 What adolescent adult makingresponsibility meaning afterfor 2002 Ideologies breast cancer: : the uses 2001 Declining theAoffer is theand impact of 2001 Taking of breast French clinical specialty differentiation carers gynaecological cancer current practice who have had cancer chemotherapy expressed cancer patients’ talk the world of brain cancer 2000 genetic perceptions of risk in breast cancer: of scientific evidence inof sigmoidoscopy counselling treatment cancer: feminist Distinguishing research The psychological Disclosing and 2005 cancer cancer guidelines 2009 flexible in oncology Australian women in a cancer support diagnosis factors for breast cancer patterns, and claimsmakingLaura K. bowel at increased risk 2008 Prevalence, perspectives: fromnot clinical care in say, 2008 women complexity of predictive responding to cancer 2009 screening It's justfor what you Understanding the role Chemotherapy as group negative affect cancer: : a qualitative of developing hereditary Potts (Ed.); Macmillan cancer testing late onset “fears” during oncology alsogenetics: howethical you say it: 2007 of cancer worry incancer 2000 language: Sound Developing Effect offorpersonal The Medical Interaction 2004 it's investigation of the breast cancer? A metaPress Ltd., London, Theoretical neurogenetic diseases interviews the ‘black box’ a “teachable inseeking cancer strategies to justifications assist history and family cancer 2006 symbolism Process System (MIPS): 2010 Opening Factors that influence the 2006 creating Providers’ constructions Information decision-making process analytic review 2000, 213pp., price andinformed practicalin strategies and hereditary cancers: of consent moment” onfor levels of an instrument for participation of the role of multiple women in 2001 medication during “badnames news” Selecting newofseeking health Perceived breast cancer Relationship between 2007 oncologists 2005 history £16.99 paper implications fordistress appointments in to risk factor reduction informed consent psychological analysing interviews of healthcare professionals cervical cancer oncology interactions: technologies for risk: heuristic reasoning outpatients’ perceptions 2005 randomised Attitudes toward 2010 multidisciplinary Narratives that address 2006 Meaning-making controlled cancer clinical oncologists and patients in advance care planning screening infor Bulgaria Question asking by Cantrials clinical search physicians’ palliative affective forecasting intervention during counselling anda for of Are cancercare, registries Contextual analysis Hope and hoping i