Software Engineer at Tuple Health

user researchers, data scientists, clinicians, and designers to explore the complex ... to make data-driven decisions about the quality and effectiveness of care.
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Software Engineer at Tuple Health Los Angeles (Pasadena) or Washington, DC full-time or contract-to-hire Experience Levels: Lead, Mid-Level, or College-Hire Contact Steve Wedig at [email protected] Tuple Health is a growing healthcare design and technology startup. We discover, design, and build ways for healthcare providers to deliver better care at a lower cost. Software Engineering at Tuple Health We strive to be the best engineering team in healthcare. Our foundation is great engineers, professional development practices, and the best tools available. Along the way we’re engaging with fascinating engineering problems across the entire stack. Engineering for healthcare requires more than technical excellence. It requires empathy and an ability to situate technology in context. Our engineers work closely alongside user researchers, data scientists, clinicians, and designers to explore the complex human system that is healthcare. Our teams are oriented around products rather than technologies, layers, or domains of expertise. Every engineer contributes to visualization, application architecture, service architecture, data modelling, data warehousing, security, devops, and our shared development practices. We constantly improve by seeking advice from each other and sharing when we learn something new. We love TypeScript, React, Redux, AWS, Docker, R, Python, and Git. If you’d like to learn more, send us a note at [email protected] Let us know what you’re interested in and what you’ve built in the past. Include a resume or a link to your LinkedIn profile. GitHub links are nice as well. Thanks!

About Tuple Health Healthcare is fundamentally about people, not data or technology. We believe that transforming healthcare starts with a relentless focus on improving the user experience for clinicians and patients. Patients deserve proactive care which keeps them healthy, and clinicians deserve amazing tools to care for their patients. As the focus of healthcare shifts from reactive treatment to proactive care management, we’re helping providers transform how they deliver healthcare. Our tools and advice improve quality of care at the scale of physician networks and hospital systems, as well as at the scale of the individual patient-physician relationship. We think of Tuple Health as a design company, with technology enabling new ways of practicing medicine. We’re currently helping oncology practices leverage insurance claims and other datasets to make data-driven decisions about the quality and effectiveness of care. Our customers include hospital systems and some of the largest oncology practices in the country. Right now we are at the first stage in building out a full suite of tools for analytics, operations, provider collaboration, and patient engagement. The Team Tuple Health was founded by Basit Chaudhry (MD, PhD), formerly lead research clinician on IBM’s Watson team, and Kavita Patel (MD, MS), currently a practicing primary care physician at Johns Hopkins’ Sibley Hospital and a fellow at the Brookings Institution. Throughout their careers, they have applied their experience at the intersection of medicine, technology, and policy towards improving the delivery of healthcare. More profiles from the team can be found on LinkedIn: As our team grows, we actively shape our mission, values, processes, and culture. Each of us wants to make a big impact on the way healthcare is delivered, and in how we effectively work together. Come join us in making healthcare better!