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Software Engineer. Kadena​ is hiring a ​Software Engineer​familiar with functional programming languages and interested in learning Haskell to build out our ...
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Software Engineer Kadena​ is hiring a ​Software Engineer​ familiar with functional programming languages and interested in learning Haskell to build out our new public-chain protocol Chainweb and further our work in formal verification of smart contracts.

ABOUT US Kadena is building the leading blockchain platform for businesses and enterprises by solving scalability and security concerns that impede widespread blockchain adoption. Founded by two lead engineers from JP Morgan’s blockchain group, our existing technology stack consists of our open-source smart contract language Pact and our private-chain protocol ScalableBFT, products that are already in use with Fortune-100 clients, coded entirely in Haskell. We believe Haskell lends a decisive advantage through drastically enhanced productivity, excellent concurrency and parallelization support, unbeatable programming-language tooling, and sheer pleasure of coding. We’ve built a lot with just two devs, we can’t wait to see what you will add to our stack!

ABOUT YOU Our ideal candidate will be able to work closely with a group but also drive projects independently. You are either already proficient in Haskell or enthusiastic about learning from us and joining our all-Haskell shop. You are encouraged to interact at every level of product development. In addition to Chainweb and formal verification of Pact smart contracts, later projects may include operational pieces for the public platform like load balancers, monitoring, and messaging systems. Finally, partner integrations can lead to entirely new products integrating Pact smart contracts with bespoke systems. Public-chain projects are entirely open source and contributions to other projects are encouraged as well.

REQUIREMENTS Your language experience includes any of the following: ● Haskell (most desired) ● Scala ● OCaml ● Clojure ● F# Exposure or experience in any of the following areas is desirable: ● Network engineering ● Cryptography engineering ● Distributed Systems ● Programming language design (e.g. compilers, interpreters, development tools) ● Database Systems (RDBMS but also key-value systems) ● Software assurance / verification (Coq, SMTLIB2, QuickCheck, Jepsen, Coq, HOL) ● Industrial/production Haskell development (cont. below)

BENEFITS ● ● ● ● ●

Competitive salary Fully paid medical, vision, and dental insurance for full time employees Company stock/coin options Flexible vacation time Dog-friendly office