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Scholarship of Teaching and Learning - in practice. Rie Troelsen. 6550 9610 Centre for Teaching and Learning. Campusvej 55,. 5230 Odense M.
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SoTL - Scholarship of Teaching and Learning 

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning - in practice

In short

Overall SoTL involves the systematic analysis of and reflections on students’ learning within a theoretical framework and also the documentation and publication of results. Or as the Australian teaching and learning researcher, Keith Trigwell would say, ”Making it transparent how learning has been made possible” (Trigwell 2012). According to Trigwell, SoTL can also be a discussion between two teachers about a successful experiment with a teaching method derived from literature, which leads to the writing down of a teaching tip which is sent to all colleagues at the institute. Below are listed some examples of how teachers at SDU already have and can engage themselves in SoTL:

Read more about SoTL in practice here: • Jørgensen, A.H. & Rienecker, L. (2015). Hvorfor skulle jeg dog skrive om undervisning? Om Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. I: Rienecker & Jørgensen (red.). Universitetspædagogiske praksisser (s. 335-352). Samfundslitteratur.

Tool for Developing Assessment Methods, for Developing Feedback Activities and for Implementing the Underlying Principles of Education The tools are meant to inspire teachers to develop their practice by, amongst other things, giving access to a wide range of examples of good practice. Teachers describe, connect to theory and reflect on their exams, feedback activities and ways to design active teaching and learning. UP/LTP projects - presented at a poster session During the Lecturer Training Programme, the participants have to complete the “Developing your teaching” project. In their projects, participants must account for the teaching and learning activities they have designed and completed, the underlying pedagogic considerations, and also their own and the students’ evaluations of the activities. The projects are presented at a poster session on the Campus Square. Teaching and Learning conferences The purpose of the conferences is to give the participants the opportunity to share, document, demonstrate, substantiate and analyse their own examples of active teaching and learning. Some of the participants also publish their contributions in the conference publication. The chance to publish in DUT or LOM One of the purposes of the Centre for Teaching and Learning is to contribute to the documentation and publishing of pedagogical practice in HE. This makes it possible for teachers to get feedback from or collaborate in other ways with SDUUP on articles for Danish Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education or Learning and Media.

• Mårtensson, Roxå & Olsson (2011). Developing a quality culture through the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. Higher Education Research & Development, 30 (1), 51-62. Building on a case from Lund University, this article emphasises that the documentation of teaching competences and perspective is crucial for the development and maintenance of personal commitment in the development of teaching. • Trigwell, K. (2012). Scholarship of teaching and learning. I: Hunt & Chalmers (eds.): University teaching in focus: a learning-centred approach (s. 253-268). Acer Press.

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