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Specification Edexcel GCSE in Spanish (2SP01) Edexcel GCSE (Short Course) in Spanish:Spoken Language (3SP0S) Edexcel GCSE (Short Course) in Spanish: Written Language (3SP0W)

For first certification 2014 Issue 5

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Introduction The Edexcel GCSE and Edexcel GCSE (Short Courses) in Spanish are designed for use in schools and colleges. They are part of a suite of GCSE qualifications offered by Edexcel.

About this specification ■■ Choice of pathways, general, mixed or vocational, enabling personalised learning. ■■ Choice of focus in controlled speaking and writing assessments. ■■ Choice of tiers in reading and listening papers. ■■ Outcome-based assessment in speaking and writing. ■■ Emphasis on active use and manipulation of language. ■■ Builds on best practice from the previous Edexcel GCSE specification. ■■ Written in consultation with practitioners. ■■ Facilitates content and language integrated learning (CLIL). ■■ Short Courses in two skill areas: listening and speaking or reading and writing. ■■ Logical progression route from Key Stage 3 and provides groundwork for the GCE AS and

Advanced GCE in Spanish.

Key subject aims To enable students to develop: ■■ an understanding of Spanish in a variety of contexts ■■ a knowledge of Spanish vocabulary and structures ■■ transferable language learning skills ■■ the ability to communicate effectively in Spanish ■■ awareness and understanding of countries and communities where Spanish is spoken.

Edexcel GCSE in Spanish

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Specification – Issue 5

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Specification at a glance


A Qualification content


Knowledge, skills and understanding Unit 1

Listening and understanding in Spanish




Assessment overview


Unit 2

Speaking in Spanish




Assessment overview


Assessment criteria


Unit 3

Reading and understanding in Spanish




Assessment overview


Unit 4

Writing in Spanish