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them titanium — the light, long-lasting and expensive wonder .... long-distance comfort, but it also gives speed and zest .... Near miss. □ Wheelset feels cheap.
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David and Goliath go head-to-head

his head-to-head test is a sort of David and Goliath match. We’ve got the Specialized Roubaix SL4 Disc in the Goliath corner — from a multi-national, world-renowned bike company. And representing David, the little brand Enigma with the Evoke Disc 1.1 hailing from Hailsham, East Sussex and available to buy online and through selected UK and overseas dealers. Both are modern, disc-specific frames, but built from very different materials. Carbon seems to have become the material these days, with aluminium coming in second, steel third, and lying somewhere among them titanium — the light, long-lasting and expensive wonder material. Our two machines are made of the two more exotic choices, SL4 Fact 8r

Two machines from either end of the scale, in different materials duke it out

carbon for Specialized and titanium for Enigma. The Roubaix has Zertz — a play on ‘inserts’ — that dampen road vibrations and are claimed to reduce ride fatigue, increase endurance and keep power to the road. The Evoke is a fantastically finished frame, made from titanium — a material that usually offers excellent ride qualities and a degree of inherent comfort without additional features. Both run carbon disc forks. The bikes are aimed at all-day riding — long days in the saddle, but with no sacrifice to speed, they offer two very different options at a serious price point between £2,500 and £2,700. These are ‘no excuses’ type bikes, they’ll handle all you can throw at them and still roll on. So, who wins out in the two-wheeled tale of large versus small?

Words Jim Clarkson Pictures Chris Catchpole


Enigma Evoke Titanium Disc 1.1 £2,699

Frame Titanium frame with excellent level of workmanship

Carbon frame with Zertz damping inserts

Specialized Roubaix SL4 Comp Disc 2015 £2,500

Gears 11-speed for both, with middle to upper level shifters and mechs


CYCLING ACTIVE summer 2015

Wheels Disc-specific wheelsets, with named or own-brand models


What to expect ■ 11-speed groupset ■ Own brand with some named

finishing kit ■ Disc-specific wheelsets

summer 2015 CYCLING ACTIVE 57

Tech Disc brake bikes

Specialized Roubaix SL4 Comp Disc £2,500 The big S offers up a disc-specific, carbon-framed champion


ith worldwide brand recognition and scores of race wins in all cycling arenas, Specialized knows a thing or two about building bikes. The Roubaix name hails from the Spring Classic race — a 250km slog over cobbles and potholes. There are several other Roubaix disc options, but the two nearest this price point are the Elite Disc at around £2,000 and then a jump up to the Pro Disc Race at £4,500.

One of the inserts used to dampen ride vibrations


The Fact carbon 8r Specialized has made the Roubaix from also has ‘Zertz’ damping material inserted into the frame, adding claims of less fatigue and more endurance. It appears on the seatstays, forks and on the CG-R Fact carbon seatpost. The bold, fluid lines of the frame are muscular and lean — the large bottom bracket area with BB30 is the foundation for the frame’s feel. Coupled with the 1 1/8 to 1 3/8in head tube, the frame doesn’t waste any effort you lay down — it rewards every pedal stroke as you focus on the road ahead. The own-brand Fact carbon disc fork performed perfectly with little to no twist or judder under heavy braking from the discs, and the Zertz certainly didn’t make anything worse. Nicely internally routed cables keep the whole fluid look consistent. The geometry is definitely aimed at a more upright than down-and-racy set-up, with a fairly high head tube and a generous stack of spacers. A more sporty feel can be created by lowering the bars, but it’s gen