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... are a top spotter. 3. Druid's Profile. 4. Split Rock. 5. Lizard's Footprint. 6. Lover's Leap. 7. Smartie Tube. 8. Rabbit. 9. Elephant's Head. 10. Camel. Tiger's Head.
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Spot the Rocks Follow the trail. Find the numbered rocks They all have names. Picture clues overleaf. Can you find them all?

1. Dancing Bear

3. Druid’s Profile

5. Lizard’s Footprint

2. Rhino Head

4. Split Rock

6. Lover’s Leap

8. Rabbit

7. Smartie Tube

10. Camel 9. Elephant’s Head Did you find them all? Well done! Here’s a bonus one. If you can find this you are a top spotter.


Tiger’s Head