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Apr 15, 2018 - Karen Barisonek, MBA ... WEEKEND MASS SCHEDULE. Vigil (Saturday) .... We wish him the best and offer a standing invitation to return whenever it snows. ... interested in other Pre-Cana programs within the Archdiocese of.
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Ss PETER & PAUL April 15 , 2018

Come, Pray, Belong Sunday Reflection 3rd Sunday of Easter “Jesus himself stood among them and said to them, ‘Peace be with you.’ But they were startled and frightened…” -LUKE 24:36-37

Throughout the day we have many opportunities to “see the face of Jesus” in others and to “be the face of Jesus” to others. Do we take that opportunity to provide “peace” to those we encounter or are we afraid of what others will think of us and do nothing? Pray for the strength to live a “God-centered” life and not a “self-centered” life.

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404 Hudson Street, Hoboken NJ 07030 201.659.2276

THANK YOU to our volunteers for decorating the Church for a beautiful Easter! Saints Peter and Paul Hoboken @spphoboken @spphoboken

Pastoral team PASTOR Rev. Msgr. Michael A. Andreano WEEKEND ASSISTANT Msgr Neil Mahoney, PhD WEEKEND ASSISTANT Rev David Buckles, JCL DIRECTOR OF ADMINISTRATION & STEWARDSHIP/ CHIEF OF STAFF Karen Imbach, BA [email protected] DIRECTOR OF MUSIC MINISTRIES Brian Walters [email protected] PARISH SECRETARY Stephanie Panzariello, BS [email protected] DIRECTOR OF FAMILY FAITH FORMATION Nick Leeper, BA [email protected] CHILDREN'S MINISTRY COORDINATOR Katie Riley, BA [email protected]

BOOKKEEPER & HUMAN RESOURCES ADMINISTRATOR Karen Barisonek, MBA [email protected] DIRECTOR OF FACILITIES MAINTENANCE John Bews [email protected] DIRECTOR OF MARKETING & GRAPHIC DESIGN Julia Chimento, BFA [email protected] OFFICE ASSISTANT Danny Rosado, BA [email protected] SACRAMENTAL COORDINATOR Elizabeth Ertel, BS [email protected] FINANCE COUNCIL Ed Yruma (Chair) g Bill Burke g Carrie Gallaway Maglia g Hank Chance g Grace Bale g Raymond Fiore g Theresa Mercogliano g John Faucher g Diane Daley TRUSTEES Rose Perry g Don Meyer CANTORS Maria Brinkmann g Greg McDonald g Katie Riley g Allison Strong

Ascension Thursday May 10 Holy Day of Obligation

Mass Schedule Wednesday, May 9 Vigil at 7:00 pm

Thursday, May 10 7:30 am g 12:10 pm

Weekly Reflection By Matthew Ziarnik

Repentance, prayer, and fasting throughout the year

Easter and Lent have just finished and now most of us return to regular life. But this year let’s take a different route. Instead of going back to where we were before, let’s build upon our Lenten experience and change our lives. The most important goals of Lent were to repent, pray, and fast, in order to prepare ourselves for Easter. Let’s use these goals to change our daily life. Repentance in today’s culture is seen negatively because our society believes that everyone should do whatever they want and thus a person should not feel guilt. Guilt helps us realize that our actions were bad and it prevents us from committing the action again. All of us have felt guilt at one point or another because we are all children of God, and whenever we do something wrong we realize that ultimately our relationship with God has been severed (even if we do not realize it). This year let’s go to confession monthly. This way we can think about where we made mistakes and try to fix the part of our lives which are faulty.


5 PM (no music) 8 AM (Family Mass) 9 AM (Liturgical choir) 10:30 AM 12 PM

Vigil (Saturday) Sunday


Monday g Friday

9 AM - 5 PM 9 AM - 7 PM

Tuesday g Wednesday g Thursday


Monday g Friday Tuesday g Wednesday g Thursday Saturday Sunday




7:30 AM -5 PM 7:30 AM - 7 PM 9 AM - 6 PM 8 AM - 1 PM

Mass 12:10 PM

Prayer can be seen as weird and countercultural as society tells us to always be occupied. We go from being on our phone, to watching TV, to going on Youtube. We are constantly occupied and we leave little time for God and for our own personal growth. Prayer helps us realize who we are and what will make us happy. Our body might tell us that we want more and more, but our soul will tell us that more does not make us happy. Social Media (although helpful when used reasonably) has invaded our lives to such a point where we limit ourselves from experiencing life.We should aim to pray a little more this year. Maybe that involves saying some prayers with our children before they go to school. Maybe that means we could celebrate Mass an extra day out of the week. One of the most powerful prayers is the daily examen. It helps us look over our day and relate it all to God. This year let’s pray the daily examen (research it online for more information) and develop a relationship with Jesus. It will seem boring and useless, but if we are determined we will see our relationship with God will grow.

Other Daily Masses available in the Deanery: St Ann 7 AM Monday Friday St Francis 8 AM Monday Friday St Lawrence Tuesday Thursday 9:30 AM OLG 12:30 PM Monday Friday OLG 7PM Monday Thursday

The Church only recommends that we fast two days out of the year. But even on these two days, we often only eat slightly less. Fasting helps us realize that our lives are not solely based on comfort. Fasting helps us turn our eyes to God as we realize that we cannot live without him. Our whole lives we are told to rely on ourselves and that we must be individualistic. Only when we see that our lives do not rely around ourselves can we truly find Jesus in others. This year let’s aim to not eat meat on any Friday out of the year. It will be a slight discomfort but it would help us understand that everything is a gift from God and maybe it could become a topic of conversation about our faith with someone who isn’t Catholic.

Tuesday, April 17

Hopefully we’ll take some lessons from Lent and apply them to our daily lives. Lent is a period of renewal and a reminder of our pilgrimage through life. Jesus reminded us that if “anyone would come after me, let them deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me” -Matthew 16:24-26.

Volunteer at the Hoboken Shelter! Items Needed: CLOTHING üMen’s clothing üSocks /underpants

TOILETRIES üSoap üShampoo üToothbrushes üToothpaste üDeodorant üRazors üShaving Cream üWash Cloths üToilet Paper

FOOD üCoffee/ Sugar/ Milk üCereal / Juice üFrozen Meat (Turkeys, Hams, Meatballs) üInstant Potatoes üMarinara Sauce üSandwiches

Volunteer Ministry at the Hoboken Shelter is the first Monday of every month from 6 pm to 8 pm. Our maximum number of volunteers is 10, please coordinate with our volunteers Hannah [email protected] com or Laura [email protected]

Help serve to our hungry and homeless neighbors by preparing and serving dinner, sort and distribute canned SUPPLIES goods and clothes, clean the facility üCups/ Napkins and grounds, fold sheets/towels and inventory/stock the supplies. üPlastic utensils Volunteers need to dress casually, üHand sanitizer wear a hat, & wear closed-toe shoes. üLaundry detergent Please report to the Kitchen Staff in the üGarbage bags Kitchen when you come to volunteer. üPostage Stamps/ Envelopes The entrance is down the wheelchair accessible ramp on 3rd Street. üPens

This Week's Mass Intentions Monday, April 16

Church Open - No Services 12:10 pm

† Patrick Mahon

12:10 pm 12:10 pm 12:10 pm 12:10 pm

† Msgr. Sean Cunneen † Msgr. Thomas A. McCarthyn † Francisco & Corazia (Catao) Ferreira † Marlene Motley

12:10 pm

† Sue Yandoli

12:10 pm

† Ad Intentionem Dantis

5:00 pm

† Wilda Antonia Oviedo

8:00 am 9:00 am 10:30 am 12:00 pm

† Rosaria Pasquale People of the Parish † Anthony Rotondi † Giuseppe Rizzi

Wednesday, April 18

Thursday, April 19 Friday, April 20

Saturday, April 21 Sunday, April 22


Special graces may be obtained when a priest applies the Mass to a particular intention. When Mass is said for a deceased person, the entire Church unites to ask God to remember them and welcome them in His light. Masses can also be offered for the intention of a living souls as well as for your special days: birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and engagement. Offering a Mass for them invites Jesus to be present during those times. Because the intention is essentially a spiritual act, its publication neither adds nor subtracts from its efficacy.

The Occasional Monthly Maintenance Chat We are visited by a leak in the left corner of the altar whenever a wind driven rain washes over us. Our vendors, Bower Roofing and Union Stone have

been invited to provide bids for this repair. The photo shows the location and what we think is salt clinging to the side of the building close to the point of the leak. Hopefully this is the clue which will facilitate a "once and done" remedy!

New exit lights have been installed above the interior church doors. A

future bulletin will include emergency exit information. Additionally, "crash" bars will be installed by Monaco Locksmith at four different egress points. This project will ensure efficient evacuation in the event of need.

New emergency lights and carbon monoxide detectors have been installed in the rectory and B16 residence floors where needed. The best part, ten year batteries!

The gates of the dual stairways leading to the Waterfront Room at the front of the church are to be replaced. Currently they open inwardly, against

the flow of exit. Scissor gates are being considered with magnetic locks for security.

Applied Protection Tech recently tested all of the smoke alarms in the church. Also, the fire extinguishers have been inspected. They will be replaced or refurbished as needed. Both of these tasks are an annual requirement.

Also, pictured is the Ventrac 3400, our snow moving machine. Unfortunately

the Ventrac 3400 no longer moves because (during our most recent Nor'easter) the main engine belt snapped. Before wrestling it into the garage, the brush attachment needed to be removed. We are exploring options for repair and updated maintenance.

The HVAC project for the rectory is scheduled to begin once this year's heating season is over. Some may have noticed the new pole with three transformers outside the B16 building. At some time, the parking lot will be closed for a week so electricians can trench for the upgraded power feeds.

The two front church lights are now dusk to dawn LED light bulbs Yes, the

sensors are now in the bulbs. Integrated motion sensor bulbs are also available. Good information for your own residences.

A new electric dryer is being purchased for B16 residents. The old dryer was

gas fueled - a source of carbon monoxide which requires venting to the outside. Electric dryers only need a vent to capture the lint. Much safer for our staff and residents.

A note of congratulations to one of our maintenance team, John Moynihan, who will graduate from Stevens Institute this May. John has been on our team for a few years and he will be missed. John accepted an engineering position with the Army. We wish him the best and offer a standing invitation to return whenever it snows.

-John Bews

Director of Facilities Maintenance

Pre-Cana registration at Ss Peter and Paul is now open! This is a very popular event so please register soon. Acceptance is on a first come, first serve basis. The deadline for all registrations is April 27, 2018

Want to become a Catholic? Or are you already Catholic but missing Sacraments?

Then RCIA is for

Please visit our website at for the official registration form.


For details on God’s Plan for a Joy-Filled Marriage or if you are interested in other Pre-Cana programs within the Archdiocese of Newark, please visit family-life/marriage-preparation.

Faith is a journey: walk with us! Where do you begin? You begin from where you are now!

Many adults entering the Catholic Church, or those just thinking about it, follow a process known as the RCIA — the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults. The RCIA process has several distinct stages, but the time to sign up is NOW! Please consider joining us on this important journey in your life.

Contact Nick Leeper

[email protected] or call 201-659-2276


Marriage Encounter Like in the gospel today, sometimes our minds need to be opened to know what God has done for us, and what he wants for us in our marriage. Deepen your communication, strengthen your relationship, rekindle your romance and renew your sacrament by attending a Worldwide Marriage Encounter weekend. Sign up today to attend one of the upcoming Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekends. For more information contact Mike and Janet Turco at 973 427-7016 or 609 335 6880 or email [email protected]

Archdiocese of Newark Pro-Life Youth Rally Heal Their Wounds: Becoming a Minister of Mercy Last year 1,901 people died in New Jersey alone from opioid addiction. This epidemic is destroying lives and families. The Pro Life Youth Rally on Wednesday, April 25th hosted by the Respect life Office will address this epidemic. Guest speaker: Kayla Grammer on addiction and recovery. MC- Dr. David Hajduk, Theology Teacher & Youth Minister. We encourage as many students to attend. Cost: $10 per student. For more information, contact: Cheryl Riley - [email protected] or 973-497-4350

Liturgy for Parents Whose Child Has Died The 31st Annual Liturgy for Parents Whose Child Has Died will be held on Friday, May 11, 2018 at 7:30 PM at Notre Dame RC Church, 359 Central Avenue, North Caldwell, NJ. All parents who have suffered the death of a child of any age are invited to attend with their families and friends. The mass includes a personal witness and the reading of each child’s name. Pre-registration is requested by contacting Lauren Egan at 973-497-4327 or [email protected]

Healing Retreats Sponsored by the Newark Archdiocese Respect Life Office.

Are you suffering from an abortion experience? Do you suffer from depression? There is Hope! Rachel's Vineyard Retreats: Have you endured physical, emotional, and/or spiritual abuse? Find healing through a retreat program facilitated by mental health professionals and centered on Jesus Christ! Grief to Grace: For more information contact the Respect Life Office: Cheryl A. Riley 973.497.4350 or via email, [email protected]

Symposium on Parish Renewal The Monsignors - Thomas Kleissler and Thomas Ivory- will present a Symposium on Parish Renewal

on April 19, 2018 from 12:00-7:00 PM at Seton Hall University. Registration is $45 per person. Keynote Speaker: William Simon, Jr. Chairman and Founder of Parish Catalyst and author of Great Catholic Parishes. Evening prayer and preaching by: Joseph Cardinal Tobin Archbishop of Newark. For more info visit: www. Join for a day filled with insights and discourse on pastoral renewal!

LGBTQ Meeting The next [email protected] meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 18th at 7:30 in the OLG Parish Hall. One discussion topic will

be "Call Me By My Name" a conversation of the importance of, and challenges to self-identification for LGBTQ Catholics, family and friends. All are welcome. Please email [email protected] if you plan on attending, or need directions or information. [400 Willow Avenue, Hoboken]

The Gala is less than TWO WEEKS AWAY!

April 26, 2018


Chart House, Weehawken 2018 Purchase your tickets TODAY! 1. Purchase Online at: or 2. Drop off at the Parish Office

A portion of the proceeds will benefit

The Saints Peter and Paul Legacy Fund, The Waterfront Project, Inc. and the Congregation of the Daughters of Mary.

Sponsor Information †† Legacy Sponsor $7,500 (includes 10 guests)

†† Mission Sponsor $2,500 (includes 4 guests)

All Legacy Sponsors receive an exclusive panel in the event slideshow, and recognition on the Gala web page, on the Facebook event page, and at the event by the Master of Ceremonies.

All Mission Sponsors receive inclusion in the event slideshow and recognition on the Gala web page and at the event with all Mission Sponsors.

†† Visionary Sponsor $5,000 (includes 10 guests)

†† Gratitude Sponsor $1,000 (includes 2 guests)

All Gratitude Sponsors receive inclusion in the All Visionary Sponsors receiveinclusion in the event slideshow, event slideshow and recognition on the Gala web and recognition on the Gala web page and at the event. pageand at the event with all Gratitude Sponsors.

Donate to the Live and Silent Auctions! Please consider donating items, your expertise, or unique experiences.

Congratulations to our 2018 HONOREES individuals whose lifework stands for committment to our parish.

Don Meyer

Mark & Deb Meyer

Msgr Bob Meyer

Photography by Marie Papp Photography |

#tbt GraitudeGala2017

Please contact [email protected] or visit

We look forward to an evening of community and fellowship!