ssi americas user conference - ShipConstructor

Sep 27, 2016 - 12:00PM - Overview of New SSI Certified Training: Josh Hawthorne ... 5:15PM - Free Time. 5:30PM ... Training. 11:15AM - Computer Robotic.
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SSI AMERICAS USER CONFERENCE ‘Experts Learning From Experts‘

September 27-30th, 2016 Renaissance Riverview Hotel, Mobile, Alabama, USA.

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SSI AMERICAS USER CONFERENCE 2016: Experts Learning From Experts DAY 1: Tuesday Sept. 27

DAY 2: Wednesday Sept. 28

BEST PRACTICES & LATEST FEATURES Learn from SSI Staff and Partners about how to best leverage the latest products and features.

USERS TALKING TO USERS Hear success stories from ShipConstructor USERS.See realworld examples of productivity enhancements & successful integration projects with best of breed applications.

8:30AM - Registration and Coffee

8:30AM - Registration and Coffee

9:00AM - Opening Remarks. Pat Roberts, SSI USA.

9:00AM - Opening Remarks. Pat Roberts, SSI USA.

9:15AM - Keynote: Lessons Learned from a Lifetime of Shipbuilding. Joe Comer, Ship Architects Inc.

9:15AM - Keynote: Shipyard Initiatives, Innovations and Agility. Rick Spaulding, Ingalls ShipBuilding.

9:45AM - Shared Strength: the New Nexus Community and Info Sharing: Norman Eldridge, SSI. 10:30AM - Coffee Break sponsored by Alion Canada 11:00AM - ShipConstructor Tips and Tricks. Ilya Chudakov, & Jason Szabo, SSI. 12:00PM - Overview of New SSI Certified Training: Josh Hawthorne, SSI. 12:30PM - Lunch Sponsored by Ship Architects, Inc. 1:30PM - Latest & Greatest ShipConstructor features. Ahmed Amoumene & Tracy Stevens, SSI. 2:30PM - Re-use and leverage your data: how to solve everyday problems. Ilya Chudakov, SSI. 3:15PM - Coffee Break sponsored by Praeses 3:45PM - 3D Change Management Visualization. Ken Sanderson, SSI USA. 4:15PM - Generating 2D Class Approval Drawings the 3D Way. Ahmed Amoumene, SSI. 5:00PM - Closing Remarks. Pat Roberts, SSI USA. 5:15PM - Free Time 5:30PM - Cocktail Reception, Sponsored by IFS

9:45AM - Implementing PLM at Huntington Ingalls - Aaron Holland, IT Program Management, Ingalls Shipbuilding.




11:15AM - Digital Transformation of the Business of Engineering. Doug Macdonald, Aras. 11:50AM - PLM/ERP Vendors: Shipbuilding is NOT discrete manufacturing! Bruno Benevolo, ARCOS. 12:30PM - Lunch Sponsored by Aras Corp. 1:30PM - Staying Current and Up to Date with ShipConstructor - Tom Perrine, VP of Engineering. Austal USA. 2:00PM - The combined ShipWeight, MAESTRO, AutoFEM and EnterprisePlatform/ShipConstructor solution. Nick Danese, DS&T.

3:30PM - Use of Ship-Constructor data in an automated pipe-shop. Carsten B. Tripscha, 3R Solutions. 4:00PM - Cost Management in US Shipbuilding. Jan Fisher, President, CostFact. 4:45PM - Closing Remarks. Pat Roberts, SSI USA. 5:00PM - Free Time 5:30PM - Cocktail Reception Sponsored by Ingalls Shipbuilding

8:30AM - Coffee 9:00AM - Opening Remarks. Pat Roberts, SSI USA.

9:00AM - Opening Remarks. Pat Roberts, SSI USA.

9:10AM - MarineDrafting Certified Training

9:15AM - Keynote: 50 AutoCAD tips. Lynn Allen, Autodesk.

10:10AM - Coffee Break

10:05AM - Coffee Break Sponsored by Wolf Robotics

10:40AM - MarineDrafting Certified Training

10:30AM - NSRP Overview and Future - Be part of the Success. Pat David, SSI USA.

12:00PM - Lunch

11:15AM - Computer Robotic Welding (CAR-W). Dennis Fanguy, VP of Quality Products, Bollinger Shipyard. Mark Schaub, Wolf Robotics.

1:00PM - EnterprisePlatform Certified Training

ShipConstructor Essentials Training

12:00PM - Dynamic Change Awareness - DCA. Greg Carithers, System Engineering, Ingalls Shipbuilding 12:30PM - Lunch Sponsored by HGG 1:30PM - NSRP LiftShip. Shawn Wilber, Advanced Shipbuilding Capabilities, Austal USA. 2:00PM - NSRP D