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Dec 6, 2016 - ... you currently keep your boat (circle one)? Boat Type: Trailer/Driveway ... Tables/Benches. • Boater Lounge. Typical Marina Water. Amenities.
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for St. Petersburg Municipal Marina

ST. PETERSBURG MUNICIPAL MARINA MASTER PLAN Community Engagement Survey December 6, 2016 through January 6, 2017

Please complete the form and deposit it in the “Comment Sheet” box in the dockmaster office or submit by mail, email or fax to:

The City of St. Petersburg is preparing a Marina Master Plan Update for the Municipal Marina. The objective of the update is to better leverage ongoing maintenance of the aging dock and marina infrastructure while responding to marina market evolution and changes to the downtown waterfront.

Mr. Michael Herrman c/o Moffatt & Nichol 1509 W. Swann Ave, Suite 225 Tampa, FL 33606 fax: 813-258-8525

Please respond to the following questions. Provide as much detail as possible. 1. How do you currently enjoy the Municipal Marina area (check all that apply)? Boater

Type: Sailboat/Motorboat

Do you Liveaboard? Y ; N

Boat Size ___________

User of the Public Spaces – which ones/what activity? ___________________________ Other:

Don’t regularly use the marina area

2. If you are a boater, what type and where do you currently keep your boat (circle one)? Boat Type: Trailer/Driveway ________________;

“High and Dry”__________________; Marina ___________________

(preferred launch location)



2a. What is your usual boating area? 2b. What is your usual boating activity? 2c. Do you use the facilities at the municipal marina (fuel, pumpout, etc)? Y ; N Suggestions? 2d. What type of power does your boat use? Voltage 120 208 240 Other ____

Amps 30 50 100 Other

2e. If you use the marina boat ramp, what changes would you like to see to the facility? 2f.

What additional boater services/amenities would you like to see in St. Petersburg?

2g. Do you occupy a covered slip? Y ; N How much extra would you pay for use of a covered slip? $_____/month 2h. Do you plan to purchase a larger boat in the future? Y ; N Size ______ 3. What do you like about the Municipal Marina area? 4. How would you improve the Municipal Marina area? 5. Other comments:

Survey by

for St. Petersburg Municipal Marina

St. Petersburg Municipal Marina Planning Comments Instructions: Use the plan below to identify areas for boater groups and desirable amenities.

Typical Marina Boater Groups     

Long-term Leases Liveaboards Visiting/transient boats Charters Large commercial boats

Typical Marina Land Amenities      

Restrooms Laundry Showers Parking Tables/Benches Boater Lounge

Typical Marina Water Amenities  Fuel  Sanitary Pumpout  Boat Ramp