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Sales Dell EMC Storage Strategy (GSTB5385WBTS) — Refresh In this training module, you will examine current key market trends in the storage industry, how they affect our customers, and our value proposition to address them. Dell EMC Modern Data Center enabling the Future-Ready Enterprise (DFRE0215WBTS) This video captures the gold-standard delivery of an effective Dell EMC Modern Data Center enabling the Future-ready Enterprise customer briefing. The Dell EMC Advantage (DA0415WBTS) — Refresh This training video captures the gold-standard delivery of an effective Dell EMC Advantage customer briefing. Dell EMC Hyper-Converged Portfolio Overview (GSTB5469WBTS) This course presents the Dell EMC hyper-converged portfolio and the different solutions that compose it. The course describes why customers are choosing hyper-converged solutions and how to position the Dell EMC hyper-converged portfolio using consumer consumption models. Dell EMC Mid-Range Storage Sales Positioning (GSTB5480WBTS) This course covers high level positioning guidance for the combined Dell EMC mid-range storage portfolio.

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Technical Dell Storage PS and SC Series: Bridging the Gap (ESGB3016ILTT)* Dell customers who have invested into the PS Series are faced with a number of questions regarding the long term future of their SAN strategy, and will have to choose between transitioning over to SC, or running both eco systems in parallel for the next budgetary cycle. This course is addressed to technical sales professionals well versed in both PS and SC technologies and focuses on identifying key factors to consider in order to pick the best approach. *Please access the PartnerDirect Portal, or contact your Channel Account Manager for more details. SC Series Architecture Technical Overview (SCAT0715WBTT) — Refreshed In this technical training module, we'll cover the basic hardware architecture in the Dell SC Series portfolio. After taking the course, you will be able to identify the basic performance characteristics and differences in the SCv2000, SC4020, SC7020, SC8000 and SC9000 solutions and recognize the major benefits of some key Storage Center Operating System (SCOS) features. You will also be able to explain how Data Progression works, how Multi-Tiered flash works, and how auto RAID provisioning works in the SC4020, SC7020, SC8000, and SC9000 solutions. Finally, you will be able to identify how asynchronous and synchronous replication move data on Dell SC Series solutions. Dell Storage SC7000 and SCOS 7.1 Technical Introduction (ESGB8021WBTT) In this training presentation, we introduce the new SC7000 Series as well as the corresponding SCOS features that support the release. This presentation is primarily intended for learners who have completed the SC Series Solution Architect training program (ESGB3011ILTT) or its online course equivalents covering SCOS 7.0 or earlier as a means to keep them current. As per August 2016, the content presented here is also present in the latest version of the SC Series Solution Architect training program.

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Sales Server Portfolio Overview (SEPO0715WBTS) – Refreshed Introduction to the Dell server line up, a very simple intra-lob organization structure, and competitive positioning at the Server offering level. This course covers the entire portfolio features, advantages and benefits with value proposition, and also features how to uncover opportunities.

Technical SanDisk DAS Cache Technical Positioning (ESGB5155WBTT) This course presents the use cases and technical value proposition of the SANDisk DAS Cache solution, an easy to use method that delivers significant performance boosts for single servers hosting databases, virtualized environments or integrated applications. We discuss the type of customer issues fit for quick resolution through SANDisk DAS Cach