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To be the Best Small-Nation Navy in the World Kia mau mana motuhake e te taua moana o te ao

Foreword If we want to take everyone in the Navy on the journey to achieve Our Vision - to be the best small-nation Navy in the world – it is particularly important that we do three things. •

First we must describe what ‘the best small-nation Navy’ in the world would look like – we must have an understanding across the Navy of the ‘end point’ we are aiming for.

Second, we must have an ‘adaptive’ plan to enable us to get to that point – a plan that sets out the challenges and opportunities that lie in front of us – and the track we will take to overcome and exploit them and move us in the right direction.

Third, we must keep everyone advised of our progress towards the Vision. This is critical if they are to take ‘ownership’ of the journey.

While this Strategic Plan is essentially ‘the plan’, it also provides to some extent definition to the ‘end point’ and, through the Navy’s strategic management process, it serves as an ‘enabler’ for ‘feedback’ to the wider Navy community. If we are to become ‘the best small-nation Navy in the World’ then we need to recognise we are, to use an athletic analogy, in a marathon and not a sprint. If we are to win, then it is important that in running it we have the confidence and willingness to change our ‘tactics’ as the shape of the race changes. Consequently, to be effective, the Strategic Plan, like the Navy, must be adaptive to changing circumstances – both within and outside the Navy – and within and outside New Zealand. However, there are two elements that will not change - our Vision and our Core Values. Our Vision requires us to be Excellent at operations - enabled by an excellent organisation and excellent people. Our Core Values require our behaviour to be characterised by Commitment, Comradeship and Courage. This latest version of the Navy’s Strategic Plan sets a course towards the Vision for everyone in the Navy – be they Regular Force, Civilian Staff, Volunteer Reserves or Honorary Naval Officers. It provides a framework in which each of us, if we look carefully enough, can identify an opportunity to make our contribution to making our Navy one of the best in the world.

D.I. LEDSON Rear Admiral Chief of Navy

Strategic Plan 2008 – 2025


To be the Best Small-Nation Navy in the World Kia mau mana motuhake e te taua moana o te ao




Navy Strategic Management Process




Purpose and Expectations


Environment, Strategic Capability and Challenges


Goals, Strategies and Governing Principles


Strategic Goal 1 Strategic Goal 2 Strategic Goal 3 Strategic Goal 4 Strategic Goal 5 Governing Principles

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Deployment, Implementation, Evaluation and Celebration


Annex A – Strategic Journey Maps


Annex B – NZDF Strategic Objectives


Annex C – Navy Strategic Management Process Steps


Strategic Plan 2008 – 2025


To be the Best Small-Nation Navy in the World Kia mau mana motuhake e te taua moana o te ao

Navy Strategic Management Process Get It, Set It, Move It, Prove It If we are to have confidence in a plan, and if we are to take ownership of it, it is important that we understand how it was developed – and the context in which it was developed. The RNZN 2008-2025 Strategic Plan was created by following the first three steps in the Navy Strategic Management Process (SMP), which is illustrated in Annex C. The SMP has four principal components, ‘Get It’, ‘Set It’, ‘Move It’ and ‘Prove It’ – complemented by