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Jul 12, 2017 - Correspondence Courses/Online Learning. 18 ... to a computer, the principal's office at your child's campus will print one for you, upon request.
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Student Code of Conduct 2017-2018

K.I.S.D. Nondiscrimination Statement The Killeen Independent School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, disability, or age in its programs and activities. The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies: Professional Standards Administrator, 200 North W.S. Young Drive, Killeen, TX 76540, 254-336-0041.

KILLEEN INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT 200 North W.S. Young Drive, Killeen, Texas 76543 P.O. Box 967, Killeen, Texas 76540-0967 (254) 336-0000 John Craft, Ed.D. Superintendent

July 12, 2017

Dear Parents and Students: We are fortunate in the Killeen Independent School District to have thousands of students who demonstrate good behavior, exhibit diligent work ethic, and desire to attend schools in which they can reach their maximum learning potential. Policies and rules set forth in this document serve to guide student conduct and behavior to ensure a safe, orderly and inviting environment for students and employees so that students can indeed reach their full potential. Policies and guidelines outlined in this Student Code of Conduct provide students, parents and staff with expectations for behavior as well as consequences for Code of Conduct violations. For the very few students who choose to disregard Code of Conduct policies, progressive disciplinary action will be administered. A small number of students will not be afforded the opportunity to disrupt the learning environment for the overwhelming number of students who abide by the rules. Therefore, Code of Conduct policies will be strictly enforced by school officials and, when appropriate, by law enforcement officials. We are in the business of promoting student achievement, and we must not be distracted from this mission. Subsequently, it is essential that parents and students review these policies and expectations for student conduct. We believe that when the Code of Conduct is followed, schools are safer and conditions are set for student success. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the principal at your school. Parent/Guardian and Community partnerships are vital in ensuring an outstanding educational opportunity is provided to every student we serve. We are confident the 2017-2018 school year will be successful by all accounts, and we appreciate the support of our shareholders in advance. Sincerely,

John M. Craft, Ed.D. Superintendent of Schools Killeen Independent School District

ADMINISTRATION Dr. John M. Craft, Superintendent

BOARD OF TRUSTEES Corbett Lawler, President Minerva Trujillo, Vice President Susan Jones, Secretary Shelley Wells JoAnn Purser Marvin Rainwater Carlyle Walton COL Henry C. Perry, Jr., Fort Hood Representative

Adopted by the Board of Trustees August 2017

KILLEEN INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT STUDENT CODE OF CONDUCT 2017– 2018 TABLE OF CONTENTS Purpose of a Student Code of Conduct Notification Documentation Student Expectations and Standards for Conduct Enforcement Policy Disciplinary Authority Students with Disabilities Search and Seizure Authority to Investigate and Interview Maximum Consequences Serious Offenses  Assault  Bullying  Chemical Dispensing Device  Computer Violation  Conduct Toward Others/Discrimination  Criminal Mischief  Criminal Trespassing  Cyberbullying  Defiance  Disruption of Classes, Transportation, and/or Lawful Assembly (Demonstration)  Extortion, Coercion, Blackmail  Failure to Identify  Fighting  Fireworks  Forgery/False Documentation or Representation  Gambling  Graffiti  Harassment  Hazing  Hit List  Insubordination  Leaving Without Permission (Freshmen-Closed Campuses)  Lewd Conduct  Medication, Tobacco, and Look-Alike Drug Abuse  Persistent Misconduct  Persistent Minor Misconduct  Possession of Published or Electronic Material  Profanity/Obscenity  Property Damage/Vandalism 