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Sep 11, 2001 - The aim of the program is to develop student skills to the level of IELTS ... gain knowledge and skills in business and management ..... Purchasing & Inventory ... Small Business Management .... Faculty of Business: Accounting.
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Student Handbook 2017/2018

Vice Chancellor’s Message It is my great pleasure to welcome you as a student to Sohar University. I hope you have a rewarding and enjoyable learning experience during your time at University. We aim to provide first-class tuition from well qualified and experienced academic staff delivered in modern state-of-the-art teaching and learning facilities. The campus provides high-quality lecture theatres and modern laboratories with the latest teaching and research equipment. The Learning Resources Centre a world-class facility that is an asset to both students and staff. It is the focal point for learning on the campus. I encourage you to make the most of your time at the University by working hard, participate in activities, enjoy your stay with us and ultimately graduate to your place in the world. By so doing, you will not only assure your own future but also you will strengthen the reputation of Sohar University and contribute to the development of Oman. The University has a number of exciting projects linked to research and industry and as a student you will have the opportunity to benefit from these initiatives both through the related tuition in the degree programmes and through work undertaken in courses. This handbook is designed to help you throughout your course of study and you should retain it for future reference. I am sure you will enjoy the challenge that studying at University brings. Finally, may I take the opportunity of wishing you every success in your studies at Sohar University.

Professor Barry Winn Vice-Chancellor

Table of Contents Part 1:

University Context

Part 2:

Academic Programs and Units

Part 3:

Academic Information

Part 4:

Academic Program Information

Part 5:

Progression and Assessment

Part 6:

Academic Support Services

Part 7:

Student Support Services

Part 8:

General Rules and Regulations

Part 9:


Part 1: University Context

Part One: University Context

Academic Calendar




S1 Classes Begin 17 September 2017

S2 Classes Begin 18 February 2018

Registration Closes Add/Drop Period Ends 28 September 2017

Registration Closes Add/Drop Period Ends 1 March 2018

Student Orientation Week 1 October 2017

Student Activities Week 8-12 April 2018

S1 Student Feedback Survey Starts 20 November 2017

S2 Student Feedback Survey Starts 22 April 2017

S1 Student Feedback Survey Ends 4 December 2017

Student Feedback Survey Ends 7 May 2018

S1 Classes End 28 December 2017

S2 Classes End 31 May 2018

Exam Period 31 December -11 January 2018

Exam Period 3-14 Jun 2018

EXAM RESULTS 24 January 2018

EXAM RESULTS 4 July 2018

Re-Sit Revision and Exam Week 28-30 January 2018

Re-Sit Revision and Exam Week 8-10 July 2018

Re-Sit Exam Day 31 January 2018

Re-Sit Exam Day 11 July 2018

Re-Sit RESULTS 8 February 2018

Re-Sit RESULTS 19 July 2018

Sohar University (SU) was established by Ministerial Decree on 11 September 2001 as the first private university in the Sultanate of Oman. It was granted degree awarding powers, with the authority to provide programs and courses whose successful completion leads to the academic awards of the University. This authority is, of course, subject to the rulings of the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) and the Oman Academic Accreditation Authority (OAAA).

SU Mission, Vision and Values Mission To develop skilled, knowledgeable, articulate and enterprising graduates who, through their