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TABLE OF CONTENTS Board Members and AHERA System Directory School Hours and Enrollment Homeless, Immigrant, Migrant and Limited English Proficient Students Pre-K, Magnet and University Place School Application Process

STAY CONNECTED TO TCS NEWS. Due to requirements of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, consumers of an organization must provide express consent to receive automated phone calls and text messages. As a parent, guardian or employee of the Tuscaloosa City Schools, we want to keep you informed. On August 18, the system will initiate calls to all numbers on record at 5 p.m. To provide your consent, please listen to the message and follow the prompts. A non-response to this call, means you will continue to receive automated messaging services. Should you choose to opt out, you will still receive messages in the event of an emergency concerning health and safety issues.


The Alberta School of Performing Arts, International Baccalaureate and Success Prep Application Process Virtual School and Residency Requirements Attendance Zone, Transfer Requests and Attendance Absences and Excessive Unexcused Absences Make Up Work, Tardies, Check In/Check Out Procedures and Early Warning Truancy Program Cell Phone/Personal Technology Devices and Technology Responsible Use Digital Citizenship and Technology in the Educational Program Driving and Parking Regulations and Transporting Students in Private Vehicle Dress Code and Student Medication Procedures Rules of Conduct for Transported Students Harassment, Sexual Harassment, Discrimination and Bullying Family Educational Rights and Privacy ACT (FERPA) and School Visitations Student Complaints and Grievances, Standards of Promotion and Retention Procedures for Examinations for High Schools, English Language Learners, and Special Education Students Gifted Education Students, Grade Point Average, Academic Appeals Procedures, Valedictorian and Salutatorian Section 504, Code of Conduct, Due Process, Parental Responsibility for Public School Students and Minor Offenses - Class I Class I Administrative Responses and Intermediate Offenses - Class II Class II Administrative Responses and Major Offenses - Class III Class III Administrative Responses, Aggravating Circumstances and Helping Education/Linking Parents Definitions of Administrative Responses to Disciplinary Infractions Disciplinary Review Committee, Alternative Programs, Expulsion, School Board Hearing Felony Charges, Re-Admission, Transfers from Outside the Tuscaloosa City School System Students Returning from Department Youth Services and Other Residential Placements, Disciplinary Appeals Procedures Search and Seizure, Law Enforcement Investigation, Unannounced Visits by Law Enforcement Agencies Drug and Alcohol Screening Program Appendix of Forms

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The Tuscaloosa City School System provides an atmosphere in which high performance can be achieved within a framework of high expectations. This task can be achieved only if appropriate time and resources are given in maintaining an environment of discipline conducive to the teaching/learning process. Parents and students are urged to be supportive of this Student/Parent Resource Guide, Code of Student Conduct and Drug Screening Policy and committed to the concept of the “right to learn.”

It gives me great pleasure to welcome students, families and staff of the Tuscaloosa City Schools back to what is going to be an exciting new year. As we begin this year, we will continue our focus on implementing the Integrated Curriculum Facilities Demographics Strategic Plan and supporting critical factors impacting student achievement. This includes comprehensive and continuous training in working with all students to close our achievement gap. We will rem