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Stylus Photo 1200

Printer Basics

EPSON Ink Jet Papers Use EPSON’s paper and inks to get the same photo quality results that have earned your printer all of its awards! EPSON’s papers are specially coated to work with EPSON’s quick drying inks. You’ll notice that when prints come out of your printer, you can immediately handle them. There is no drying time, no smearing or smudging, and your image is clean and smooth. Here’s just a few of EPSON’s papers:

360 dpi Ink Jet Paper Bright white coated paper for quick printing at lower resolutions with brilliant results. Perfect for letters, charts, clip art, and color drafts.

Photo Quality Ink Jet Paper Acid-free, bright white, with a smooth matte finish to create your best impression. Perfect for presentations, newsletters, color reproductions, and all your photo and craft projects.

Photo Paper and Panoramic Photo Paper Photo lab quality, heavier weight glossy paper available in a variety of sizes. Perfect for color photo keepsakes of snapshots, framed art, banners, and panoramics.

Photo Quality Glossy Film Durable, bright white film sheets with the highest-gloss finish. Perfect for printing professional quality, high-resolution photographs of all your digital images.

Iron-On Cool Peel Transfer Paper Transfer your designs and photographs onto T-shirts or other cloth items. Perfect for ironing onto team T-shirts, canvas bags, crafts, and gifts. See the inside back cover for a list of EPSON papers and ordering information.


Contents WELCOME! About Your Software Your Bonus Software Applications About Your Documentation Warnings, Cautions, Notes, and Tips Windows System Requirements Macintosh System Requirements ENERGY STAR Compliance Year 2000 Ready Printer Parts Important Safety Instructions Ink Cartridge Safety Instructions

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EPSON DIGITAL PHOTOLAB PRO Navigating Through EPSON Digital PhotoLab Pro

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VIEWING YOUR ELECTRONIC PRINTER MANUAL Opening Your Electronic Manual Navigating an Electronic Manual

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PRINTING FROM START TO FINISH Printing with Windows Printing with a Macintosh

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Using EPSON Special Papers Photo Paper (4 × 6-inch) Photo Quality Ink Jet Paper Photo Quality Glossy Film Envelopes Photo Paper (13 in × 32.8 ft roll) Choosing the Right Settings for EPSON Papers Printing with Custom Settings Using Custom Project Types Customizing Print Settings Preserving Photos on EPSON Photo Paper

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MAINTAINING YOUR PRINTER Cleaning the Print Head Using the Head Cleaning Utility Using the Control Panel Examining the Nozzle Check Pattern Replacing an Ink Cartridge Removing and Installing Ink Cartridges Replacing an Outdated Ink Cartridge Aligning the Print Head Cleaning the Printer Transporting the Printer

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PROBLEM SOLVING Diagnosing Printer Problems Checking the Control Panel Lights Running a Printer Operation Check

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Problems and Solutions Problems Setting Up the Printer or Installing Its Software Problems Getting Good Print Quality Uninstalling Printer Software Where To Get Help EPSON Technical Support Bonus Software Technical Support

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USING PRINTER SOFTWARE DISKETTES Ordering Printer Software Diskettes Installing Printer Software from Diskettes Installing Windows Software

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Installing Macintosh Software


CONFIGURING FOR A WINDOWS NETWORK Setting Up the Host System Setting Up Client Systems

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Welcome! Your EPSON Stylus® Photo 1200 printer is the ideal large format output device for digital photographs, full