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appears in the dock. On OS X 10.2.x, double-click Stylus Photo 2200. You see this screen: 11. Monitor the progress of your print job or do one of the following: ..... options appear: 4. Under Print Space, select the printer profile you created for your printer and paper in the Profile list. 5. As the Intent setting, select Perceptual or ...
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PRINT Image Matching and Exif Print About PRINT Image Matching About Exif Print About Your Software About Your Documentation

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Using the EPSON Printer Information Center Launching the Movies Launching the Manual Printer Buttons and Lights

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Loading Paper


Loading Paper in the Sheet Feeder Loading Special Paper Loading Envelopes Loading Roll Paper Installing the Roll Paper Cutter and Basket Adjusting the Cutting Position Loading and Printing on Thick Paper

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Printing From Start to Finish


Basic Printing in Windows Selecting the Settings You Use Most Often Basic Printing With Macintosh OS X Basic Printing With Macintosh OS 8.6 to 9.x Customizing Your Windows Print Settings Customizing Macintosh Print Settings Selecting the Correct Media Type

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Printing on Roll Paper Selecting Roll Paper Print Settings Removing Your Printed Photos Removing and Storing Roll Paper Using PRINT Image Matching Using Film Factory Using the P.I.M. II Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop Printing Borderless Cut Sheets

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Windows Macintosh OS X Macintosh 8.6 to 9.x Managing Color with Custom Profiles Printing a Custom Profile Test Target Creating Your Custom Profile Printing With Your Custom Profile Solving Color Management Problems

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