Summer Adventure Camp At St. Trinity

s pend in apprecia on for your service. Perfect posi on for those looking for intern or prac cum hours for comple on of credit. Cook/Food Service – (Paid Posi on) Provide for daily food service (self-serve breakfast and prepared lunch. May be addi onal opportuni es to provide meals for visi ng mission teams. St. Trinity Summer ...
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Summer Adventure Camp At St. Trinity Staff Posi*ons Available

Seeking Willing and eager Young Adults and Adults who love kids, want to make a difference in the life of a young person and have at least one week to serve this summer at St. Trinity (517 Koeln Ave. St. Louis). To apply, for more informa*on please contact Pastor Dave at [email protected] or 314.353.3276 Summer Camp Director (Paid Posi)on) – Oversee the en)re summer camp program, recruit and train staff, oversee publicity and registra)on, supervise and encourage staff daily, day –to-day camp oversight. Some educa)on background is helpful. Ac*vity Directors (Paid Posi)on) – Plan for and supervise one week of the major themed ac)vi)es (art/ music; sports, STEM, VBS). Develop and supervise ac)vi)es for two specific age groups around the theme for the week which will allow children to engage in experien)al enrichment learning. Elec*ve Directors (Paid Posi)on) – Plan for one – three weeks of fun, engaging, elec)ve ac)vi)es to encourage children to self-directed, experien)al learning (ie: arts and craOs, chess, Legos, puzzles, reading )me, cooking, cup stacking, yoga, etc). Oversee the room and supervise staff and helpers in the learning, fun and ac)vi)es. . Chaplain (Volunteer Posi)on) – Lead daily Jesus-)me worship/spiritual )me (one-three weeks) using

pre-iden)fied materials. Guitar or music ability would help but not required. Encourage and support staff and campers. Must have ability to engage with children ages 6-12.

Reflect Room Monitor (Volunteer Posi)on) 4 – 12 days. Supervise and sit quietly and interact appropriately with children who need a quiet )me to decompress and regroup. This is an ac)vity of presence. A calm and pa)ent aZtude will be helpful. Small Group Guides (S)pend Posi)on) – 2- 4 weeks (the more weeks the be[er). Build rela)onships , keep track of and assist 5-7 students as they move from ac)vity to ac)vity. Requires being engaged with your “group” for the en)re day. Commit for one four day week at a )me. There will be a small s)pend in apprecia)on for your service. Perfect posi)on for those looking for intern or prac)cum hours for comple)on of credit. Cook/Food Service – (Paid Posi)on) Provide for daily food service (self-serve breakfast and prepared lunch. May be addi)onal opportuni)es to provide meals for visi)ng mission teams.

St. Trinity Summer Adventure Camp June 19th – July 20th (do not meet week of 4th of July) 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM St. Trinity Lutheran Church + 517 Koeln Ave 314.202.8344 + offi[email protected]

Summer Adventure Camp At St. Trinity A Dream for Bringing Life, Light and Hope to the Young People of Urban St. Louis The Dream for St. Trinity Summer Adventure Camp is to provide a safe, fun, experien)al environment for six – twelve year olds living in the neighborhoods surrounding St. Trinity Lutheran Church (Koeln Ave. and Vermont Ave. in South St. Louis). Our plan is to offer four weeks (Monday - Thursday) of summer camp that provides ac)vi)es and learning that many of these children may not regularly experience. Our hope is that the Summer Adventure Camp will be staffed by a mixture of paid and volunteer servant minded adults (college age – re)rees) who love Jesus, love kids and want to create an experience which both promotes learning but also provides an atmosphere where kids will experience the love of Jesus and of caring adults. Four weeks of camp (Monday – Thursday) will be offered beginning the weeks of June 19, 26, July 10, 17. Each week will have a specific theme, but each day will also include Jesus )me, meals, elec)ve ac)vi)es and physical ac)vity. Our goal is to provide a consistent and structured environment the really allows for kids to grow and learn in the enrichment areas within a safe and caring seZng. Volunteers and staff will be asked to serve in most cases for at least a week. Two hours of training will be provided before each week. Some of the posi)ons will offer a small s)pend but volunteers are always welcome. All inquires are welcome. Ques)ons