summer europe 2017 - International Business Seminars

BMW, World Trade Organization, Lloyd's of London, BETC and more. Contacts: ... AM: PM: Travel Innsbruck to Verona. Cantina Valpantena Winery Tour. Verona.
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SUMMER EUROPE 2017 Munich — GERMANY | Innsbruck —AUSTRIA | Verona — ITALY I Geneva —SWITZERLAND | Reims & Paris — FRANCE | London — UNITED KINGDOM

May 16-June 6, 2017

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This international travel course may replace 1 elective in your major Networking with Global 1000 executives Learn about the operations of a truly global corporation when visiting BMW manufacturing facilities in Munich Presentation and lunch at a winery outside of Verona Meet award winning advertising executives at BETC Spend the day in picturesque Venice Evening cruise on the Seine River Tour the Houses of Parliament in London Presentation & lunch at the original Hard Rock Café in London 4-Star Hotels including Daily Breakfast

Over the course of 22 days, the Summer Europe 2017 seminar is an experience that exposes participants to cultural, social, and political environments that are unique and different from their own. It gives students a firsthand view of international business practices while travelling outside the United States. While exploring Europe, the seminars will incorporate sessions with executives and top management at firms such as:

BMW, World Trade Organization, Lloyd’s of London, BETC and more.

Student Testimonial “By growing up and living in Louisiana, I’ve been closed off to the entire world without even realizing. This has led me to thinking naïvely about how others live their day to day lives in other countries. Sure I had friends that traveled outside of the United States who told me wondrous stories of their experiences regarding foreign affairs, but I personally never understood the impact of what traveling across seas has on someone. International Business Seminars opened my eyes to the rest of the world, and I have them to thank for my amazing memories, friends, and knowledge I wouldn’t have gained without the study abroad seminar.” — Katelyn, Summer Europe

Contacts: Amanda Barbano Seminar Coordinator at IBS Tel: (480) 874-0100 Email: [email protected] Kayla Ihrig Marketing & Enrollment Manager Tel: (480) 874-0100 Email: [email protected]

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SUMMER EUROPE 2017 Munich — GERMANY | Innsbruck —AUSTRIA—AUSTRIA | Verona —| ITALY | Geneva— Rome, Florence — ITALY | Innsbruck Munich—GERMANY | Reims, Paris — FRANCE | London — UNITED KINGSwitzerland DOM | Reims & Paris — FRANCE | London — UNITED KINGDOM

May 16-June 6, 2017 DAY/DATE


Tuesday 5/16/2017 Wednesday 5/17/2017 Thursday 5/18/2017

Friday, 5/19/2017 Saturday, 5/20/2017



Depart USA


Arrival Munich, Transfer to Hotel


Orientation Session


Neokami GmbH (Artificial Intelligence Technology) PM:

BMW Welt


BMW Dingolfing


2:30 PM: AM:

Erdinger Brewery Dachau Concentration Camp


Travel Munich to Innsbruck PM:

Sunday 5/21/2017 Monday 5/22/2017


Innsbruck Tourist Board Free Day for Outdoor Activities



Riedel Glassworks



Swarovski Crystal

7:30 PM: Tuesday 5/23/2017 Wednesday 5/24/2017


Tyrolean Lantern hike Free Day for Outdoor Activities



Travel Innsbruck to Verona



Cantina Valpantena Winery Tour

Thursday, 5/25/2017 Easter +60 Days


City tour of Verona


Friday 5/26/2017 Saturday 5/27/2017 Sunday 5/28/2017

8:00 AM:

Day Trip to Venice